Bug Report: Screen returns to Filters erratic // Encoder 1&2 unreliable at times

Hey All,

1. While making changes to any parameters sometimes the screen will jump to the Filter2 Env Amt screen. This doesn't happen based on a timeout, but seems totally erratic. I can be in the middle of turning an encoder changing values when the page changes on its own and I start changing filter values instead of where I was before. I've had this happen while changing oscillator and LFO values via the 4 encoders above the LCD screen. (Only occurs when Midi Out is connected to Midi In of a different device.)

2. With some patches the first and second encoders above the LCD screen have no incremental sensitivity. To get an increase in value, I have to turn it really fast where it will change the value from 0 to about 50. Granular changes are nearly impossible. This commonly happens when trying to add AM or FM to an oscillator. Decrementally, these encoders will lower the values in -2, with no -1 available. (Only occurs when Midi In is connected to Midi Out of a different device.)

Is anyone else experiencing these bugs? It's possible there is something wrong with my device as both issues seem to be narrowly related to the encoders and LCD screen.

Edit: This is occurring in 1.3.0.

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Yes, the two.

The Nr. 1.- I donīt know how to avoid, nor the cause. It seems erratic.

The Nr. 2.- is due to a midi loop, or at least that was in my case.

Hope this help. Regards!

I'm using the latest beta 1.3.1 and the filter 2 env screen issue that used to drive me crazy is gone; I can now happily receive MIDI clock without buggering up my ability to program patches.
Must be worth trying the latest too, and seeing if it works for you. Fingers crossed.

Yes, they have solved more than 70 bugs with the last update, probably this is one of them!