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« on: July 17, 2018, 11:42:53 PM »
I figure we'd should start a thread discussing the samples in the X. Some of our favorites, some ways to use them etc.

I have to say the brass and string effects are some of the sounds I've been looking years for out of a hardware synthesizer. Too often most Romplers or Workstations don't have some of the more unique articulations that brass and string instruments are capable of. These are fantastic and if 8Dio start to incorporate some of their CASE and CAGE sounds as a pack for this, it'll be even better.

The "Cinematic" section is pure Hans Zimmer territory. Huge horns, pulses, massive thuds and bangs. Couple some of these with some strings, bass and percussion and you could easily do a "Black Rain" or "Dark Knight" type score.

As I said in my Prophet X demo post, I found that when you use one of the Oscillators to frequency modulate a brass sample you can emulate a "growl" or "Rip" type articulation fairly well.

Although I was initially dissapointed that there was no onboard Pipe Organ sample, I found that when you layer two Hammond Organ samples together, tune them an octave apart and layer them with a slight Sine Wave or Triangle wave you can get a pretty massive sounding Pipe Organ...of course add a bit of reverb to it.

On some of those Cinematic "impact" samples, if you run them through the BIT and DECIMATE functions you can somewhat emulate those classic "Orchestral Hit" sounds from the Fairlight and Emulator synths. Turning off Velocity emulates it even more.

Applying a slow Triangle LFO to the frequency of some of the longer string samples really widens the sound out and gives it a bit of movement. Especially if you layer two longer string samples together and apply the LFO to just one it creates a nice natural phasing effect you would hear from an actual symphonic string section.

I was trying also to figure out a way to do an arpegiated slap bass sample running alongside an actual drum beat. I did this for my cover of Steffano Mainetti's Zombi 3 score. I recorded a basic pumping drum sequence using the "DISCO" drum kit but of course this made the bass sample layered with it sound awkward. So I turned "Key follow" off on the bass sample, tuned it lower and applied a Random LFO to the frequency of the bass. I synced the LFO's speed and you essentially have an arpeggiated bass line played with a drum beat perfectly.

Anyone have any favorites or tricks?
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