Sequencer Functionality and Features

Sequencer Functionality and Features
« on: July 03, 2018, 07:28:59 AM »
Hey All,

I'm new here and after 30 minutes I managed to answer all the account register security questions successfully.  ::)

Anyway, I just bought my first hardware synth, the Pro 2. Previously I was using Native Instruments S61 with Komplete Ultimate but I found that not having direct access to knobs and switches wasn't allowing me to easily manipulate the sounds.

Onto the topic:
I am playing drums in my current band and I wanted also play a hardware synth for intros to songs and even leads at some points. My question is on how the sequencer works thats built into the pro 2. Does it allow me to basically sequence an entire song with different parts and chord changes or is it meant to loop the same motiff over and over? Also, while the sequence is running, am I able to solo over top of it?

If anyone has experience using a sequencer like this for live performance and can offer some advice it would be greatly appreciated.


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i am also new... but this is easy to answer :-)..

a) yes, you can "chain" different sequencer-parts together. Look into your manual under cuelist... basically you just store the same sound just with different sequences in different programs... With Cuelist you can switch seamlessly between them. Some user reported to not switch with the programdial, but with the 16 Trackbuttons of the sequencer. This avoids unwanted rythmical issues while switching... one more thing: you cant run a whole song with that. You have to switch the sequences handish... easy for a drummer :-)

b) generally yes, you can play on top... the thing is: if you have a monophon sound it will stop the sequenced note... there are possibilities to play on top in paraphonic mode... stil you have just one VCA (which means, you will maybe cut off the sequenced sound when playing on top of the melody)... just try out a little, but i would recommend to either play  the pro 2 totally live or run a sequence...

last idea to your question. there are some relativ cheap sequencers on the market, that offer more pattern features... i personally use a MPC live to sequence midi notes into pro2, that will sequence the pro2 sequencer..:-)) sounds weird, but gives nice results...

anyway... have fun... its the best synth on the market (at least it is for me :-))

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Thanks for the reply. How do you mean you would either use it as a sequencer or play it totally live? Do you just mean you wouldnt solo over the patterns in a live situation?

Say for instance that I had a strict song pattern, 4 bars verse, 2 bar chorus, 4 bar verse, 2 bar chorus, 2 bar bridge, 2 bar chorus. What would be a good way to pattern something like that in a sequencer so it plays it in order? Would maybe prerecording onto an mp3 player be a better option? Then I could input the mp3 player into the synth for more granular control?

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yes, mp3 player is definetly one option...

the thing is, the pro2 is mainly built as a monophon instrument (means no chords, just on note at a time, like a trumpet or so...)
still it has paraphonic mode... but that is not really what you need for polyphonic chord play (although in some cases it could work)...

you cant program like 4 bars chorus + 2 bars verse into pro 2 (just switch it manually)... so either your idea of MP3 works... or you think of something like arturia sequencers or an old MPC 1000 will do the trick, if you want to stay "completly" live.. you could insert your recordings in the MPC and play live on top with the pro2...

anyway... have fun

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Another thought I had is to connect my iPad to the pro 2 via midi and utilize a software looper with midi sync. I dont think its necessary to buy a hardware sequencer/sampler when I already have an iPad and there are so many available in the app store.