Odd problem introduced after updating to Logic 10.2.1

Odd problem introduced after updating to Logic 10.2.1
« on: January 28, 2016, 07:12:29 AM »
I have had a problem with P6 after updating to Logic 10.2.1.  My reason for believing this was the problem was that after I updated I started Logic and my Prophet 12 was switched to a different program and several notes were hung and was transposed a perfect 4th. This was fixed by turning it off and on again and it reset and is functioning normally. 

Prophet 6 has subsequently had many patches change with the LFO defaulting to route to Freq 1 and 2 on many patches and sometimes to AMP and other LFO routings that are not part of the patches.  Furthermore, it was able to set these as defaults to the duplicates on the factory patches as well. So it was able to save over the Factory sets as well.

I have reloaded the factory patches via SysEx and the problem persists.  Using the editor the problem persist trying to reload my saved patches and saved banks. Updated to system os and still persists. Otherwise everything works fine.