Latest Prophet X OS - v2.


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Latest Prophet X OS - v2.
« on: June 20, 2018, 04:42:30 PM »
      Not that we're expecting bad things to happen, but always better safe than sorry. Just remember, you're never going to say to yourself "Man, I wish I hadn't backed that up..."

      The process to update the OS on the Prophet X is unique from other instruments in our product line.  You will find detailed instructions for updating the Prophet X below.

      To begin, you will need a USB flash drive to perform the update. The USB flash drive will need to be formatted for use with the Prophet X.

Formatting the USB flash drive will erase any files already present on the thumb drive*

Formatting the USB flash drive:

1. Insert the USB flash drive into the SAMPLE IMPORT port on the rear of the Prophet X.
2. Press the GLOBAL button.
3. Navigate to the FORMAT USB DRIVE menu item to select it.
4. Press SOFT KEY 1 (left most button directly beneath the large OLED display) to start the formatting. Depending on the size of the USB thumb drive, this may take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.
5. Once the drive has been formatted, you can now use it to update the Prophet X.

Download and install OS file on USB flash drive:

1. Connect the USB flash drive to your computer. The USB flash drive will be named PROPHETX.
2. Download the archived OS zip file and unpack it using your preferred zip/archive utility application.
3. Once the archive is unpacked, it will contain the OS update file named PxUpdate_Vx.x.x.x.x.bin.
4. Copy the PxUpdate_Vx.x.x.x.x.bin file to the top level of the PROPHETX thumb drive.

Install OS update on the Prophet X

1.Insert the USB flash drive into the SAMPLE IMPORT port on the rear of the Prophet X.
2. Press the GLOBAL button.
3. Navigate to the UPDATE APPLICATION menu item to select it.
4. Press SOFT KEY 1 to start the update. The OS update will take a few moments to complete. Once the update has completed, the display will show a message instructing you to manually power cycle the synth.

Change log:

PX Update v2.
  • Fixed Bug: improved boot stability

PX Update v2.
  • Fixed Bug: USB MIDI issues resolved
  • Fixed Bug: Errors loading Add-On programs resolved

PX Update v2.
  • Feature: When program in playlist is changed, blink WRITE button to indicate that playlist is not saved.  Press WRITE and playlist save message comes on screen, use the soft tabs to select yes/no.
  • Fixed Bug: Program load via sysex implementation modified to prevent issues when bulk loading programs—now, main display does not update until messages are no longer being received
  • Fixed Bug: Changing bank outputs program change message, no bank change message sent
  • Fixed Bug: Does not respond to Universal Device Inquiry message
  • Fixed Bug: Aftertouch (pressure) data not received on layer B over MIDI
  • Fixed Bug: Multimode -  When Bank/Program changes received at the same time for both multimode layers, the progam specified for Layer B is ignored
  • Fixed Bug: Multimode - Program changes received on either channel change both layers
  • Fixed Bug: Switching between layers when the arp is set to On sets the arp to Off
  • Fixed Bug: Edit buffer data incorrect
  • Fixed Bug: No NRPN assigned to "Save Edit Layer State" in Globals
  • Various small bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed Bug: sync'd delay times not recalled correctly
  • Fixed Bug: Alternate tunings loaded per program affecting global tuning

  • Removed “Direction Follows Loop” sample modes
  • Fixed Bug: LFO rates do not go full speed
  • Fixed Bug: program changes slow

  • Feature: Added 24 more User Sample groups—now 32 total
  • Feature: Added “Direction Follows Loop” sample modes
  • Feature: Mod between tempo-synced LFO values when sync enabled
  • Feature: Crossfade added to forward/backward loops
  • Feature: Sped up refresh of sample names following instrument load/delete
  • Fixed Bug: Sample names not reloading correctly after swapping layers
  • Fixed Bug: Arp relatch not working properly on Layer B
  • Fixed Bug: Instrument/oscillator level wraps around when modulated negatively
  • Fixed Bug: Can't modulate sample start/end unless edit sample is enabled

Note: Wait 10 seconds before restarting after OS update completes.

  • Fixed Bug: Fixed memory allocation issue which could cause unit to not boot
  • Fixed Bug: Fringe timing issue which would cause small OLED to display only white

  • Various small improvements/optimizations. This is the new production version.

  • Feature: 32 Voice Mode! Press and hold 16 Voice button. Flashing indicates 32 Voice Mode enabled. In this mode, all voices pass through a single stereo pair of filters. The Filter Env controls the cutoff paraphonically. The filters can be bypassed in 32 Voice Mode in the LPF Misc screen. Paraphonic Retrigger On/Off is available in the Unison/Glide screen. Single Instrument and Oscillator per layer only.
  • Feature: Hack and Decimate added as mod destinations
  • Feature: New Loop Modes - Forward/Reverse for Regular, Pitch and Sync. Crossfade not applied to these modes.
  • Feature: New Global for MIDI Out from the Sequencer/Arp
  • Feature: New Global Save Edit Layer State
  • Feature: Added space for additional Alternate Tunings—64 slots now available
  • Feature: New Effect - Ring Mod
  • Feature: New Global for Arp Sync to Beat
  • Feature: New Global for Sustain Arp Mode
  • Feature: Revert A/B or ALL - soft button functions with Revert button held
  • Feature: Instrument 1&2 Delay added as Mod destinations
  • Feature: Copy Sequence functions added to Edit Layer B screen - toggle screen w/ soft button 4
  • Feature: Velocity Curve, Pressure Curve, and Alt. Tuning can now be selected/saved per program - new screen in Misc Params
  • Feature: New Global for Dump Scale (currently selected) and Dump All Scales
  • Fixed Bug: with env repeat on, envelope only repeats when sustain is zero
  • Fixed Bug: not responding to CC2, CC4, and CC11 messages
  • Fixed Bug: with delays set to have sync active, FX param 1 does not send CC data. Added CC#s 33-37 for control
  • Fixed Bug: not responding to sample name dump request
  • Fixed Bug: click when Wave Reset used on oscillators
  • Fixed Bug: sync rate for delay effects not recalled correctly
  • Fixed Bug: various small bug fixes

  • Fixed Bug: Clicks when Unison active and voice stolen when played legato
  • Fixed Bug: Improved FX mix curve
  • Fixed Bug: Changing inactive FX causes audio to drop out
  • Fixed Bug: Oscillator shapes wrong if key held and shape changed
  • Fixed Bug: LFO LEDs turn off unexpectedly
  • Fixed Bug: Audio Output stops when stack/split active and Edit B layer pressed
  • Fixed Bug: Master Volume not working correctly in regular pot mod
  • Fixed Bug: Unison retrigger modes not working if only oscillators active
  • Fixed Bug: Synth not responding to CC#1, CC#14, CC#15
  • Fixed Bug: Multi Mode layer B channel assignment off by one when channel > 14
  • Fixed Bug: Multi Mode active, sending program change changes both layers' programs
  • Fixed Bug: Pedal CV signal sticks when LFO select, Assign source/dest held
  • Fixed Bug: LFO LEDs turn off unexpectedly

  • Fixed Bug: Improved encoder response
  • Fixed Bug: Envelopes always reset to zero on key trigger
  • Fixed Bug: LFO with sync'd frequency value resets LFO phase on keypress regardless of wave reset setting
  • Fixed Bug: various operational improvements and optimizations

  • Fixed Bug: Instrument display becomes scrambled when type/instrument changed
  • Fixed Bug: When externally sync'd, LFOs with sync'd value are clocked to internal and external clock sources
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Re: Prophet X BETA OS - v2.
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2021, 10:42:19 AM »
The latest Prophet-X OS is, which is a public release that can be downloaded on our main website at the following link:

**Note** If the update is unsuccessful using the .bin file you can update the Main OS via the attached sysex in bootloader mode.

To boot the Prophet X into bootloader mode, hold SAMPLE STRETCH while powering on the instrument. The screen will display a message indicating that bootloader mode is active. Next, transmit the SysEX update file to the synth via the synth's MIDI DIN IN port. Once the transmission has been started, you will see the Prophet X's screen update to indicate the file's reception.

Once the update is complete, please restart the synth. The synth should boot up normally thereafter. If not, please reach out to
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