Tempest's synth voice MIDI out capabilities.


Tempest's synth voice MIDI out capabilities.
« on: June 20, 2018, 02:27:48 PM »
I was experimenting last night with the Tempest Midi voice out. I'm going to do some videos next week demonstrating these methods and I know they seem fairly obvious but still...I thought it was cool discovering these.

1.) "Splitting A Monotimbral Synth" For this I thought...."If my Prophet 6 has six voices of polyphony...I should be able to sacrifice one of those for an arpeggiated sequence. Since the OB-6 and Prophet 6 don't have the ability to split the keyboard...then an Arpeggiated sequence on the Tempest should be able to control the low notes while I do a lead or chords on the higher octaves. Then you simply adjust the root note of the arpeggio in various beats and set up a "Play List" so that it alternates the root note of the arpeggios.

2.) "Sequencing The Sequencer Or Arpeggiator" this one is fairly obvious. If you have a synthesiser that has an arpeggiator or built in sequencer that can be transposed (Which is a feature that DSI synths don't have as of yet-unless you hold down the record button-not practical.). Instead of using the Tempest's built in Arpeggiator function you simply record the root note that you want. You send that root note to your synth. Create a Play List function or switch between beats live (with a different root note on each one) and you have the Tempest transposing your sequence or arpeggiator for you...freeing up your hands to play another synth or play guitar or whatever.

3.) "80's style bass"-this one is a method that goes all the way back to CV. Often a Rim Shot would be used or any type of transient attack. If you have a synth with an arpeggiator that doesn't allow you to double or triple notes (the P12 and REV2 and I'm assuming the X does-but not the OB-6 or P6) and you don't have the ability to transpose the sequencer on the fly with one hand well you use a Rim Shot Sample, do a roll with this sample (I'd recommend 16th notes) decrease the volume of said sample in the mixer section of the Tempest. You send that MIDI channel to your external synth. Set your external synth's arpeggiator temp at a different speed....say 8th notes. Start the Tempest and Arpeggiator and the 16th notes of the Rim Shot will actually double the notes on the P6/OB6's arpeggiator.

I'll do some videos this week and show these. It's rather quite fun. Yes it would be nice if you could sequence more than one external synth...but honestly I've found that looking at the Tempest's Synth Voice as more of a "Bass Player" is quite beneficial, especially in Play List mode and certainly when you start having more than one synth on the same MIDI channel. It sounds absolutely massive.