OB6 vs REV2

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I'm a happy DSI customer with my OB-6. I was jonesin' for a Rev2 or other digital synth for the variety and patch flexibility. I have played with a couple of modern, very sophisticated hardware synths, but I recently bought a copy of Serum, a high-end ITB digital synth. It has satisfied my need/desire for a wider range of sounds and/but is a VERY different experience than playing the OB6 (even when I use the OB6 keybed as a controller!).
I have also played around with a buddy's Buchla collection and just jumped on-board with the brand-new "Pendulate" from Newfangled Audio...a completely West Coast experience that complements the OB-6 well in productions.

My "happy place", however, is still with the OB-6...
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