tempest switchs not responding

tempest switchs not responding
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i bought my tempest in 2011 ! And for last years the switchs are not responding properly. Probably poor quality because they loose contact. it's not my use or .. dirt in studio. i have synths that are 30+ yo and they are ok.
For exemple the "Select" or "save/load" or that switch bottom left of screen that i use alot repond one out of 3 time !! i really have to press it flat to make sure there's a contact. But also sometime if not flat enough it will double clic and go to next parameter and i then have to overall clic again. A nightmare.
did anyone here had this issue and open cleaned those switches?

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Having the same problem for some time now on a couple of buttons. Anyone with a similar problem has come to a solution? thanks in advance.

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that's what support told me :
A good place to start would be to reseat the ribbon cable connector which runs between the front panel and main PC boards. The process to do so is easy, requires no more than a screwdriver to perform, and we have detailed instructions for doing so at the following link. http://www.davesmithinstruments.com/tempest-panel-board-removal/
Just follow steps 2-4 to open the enclosure and reseat the ribbon cable connector. Please remove and reseat both sides of the cable. Reassemble the Tempest in the reverse order of disassembly and check whether the issue you noted is still present.

The next thing to try would be to perform a button cleaning routine on any button which is displaying intermittent operation. The switches on our instruments are self cleaning and the process to clean the buttons requires no tools. Simply press the button 50-100 times with a great amount of force. This usually clears up any intermittent/non operation. If you find the button's response improves, but is still somewhat intermittent, try performing the button cleaning routine again. To note, there is no calibration procedure related to the buttons' operation.

for me it was still the same.
but really .. later i had some long session i was days working with the tempest and it seemed to work better. if you don't use it often or leave it for months it can do this i guess. It's cheap quality buttons.   :-\

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thank you. i'll see what happens