Strange MIDI issues in Logic X: Solved

Strange MIDI issues in Logic X: Solved
« on: April 13, 2018, 09:50:45 AM »
Well as a new owner of a Rev2 I ran into an issue when hooking it up to Logic X for the first time.

I have solved the problem, so I'm pleased my first post here is not one going help! I thought I'd put some details up here in case others run into the same issue. It might have been logged before, but I didn't find the exact issue in any searches.

Set up Rev2 as an external instrument, MIDI over USB, pretty much default settings but turned Local off. All kinds of craziness ensued every time I changed almost any setting in Logic - in particular, selecting different tracks, adding a new track, adding a plug-in. The types of issues were:
- re-tuning one of the oscillators
- master volume set to zero
- patch selection freezing, number changing but name staying the same

Slightly alarming, and annoyed me for a quite a while until I tried a suggestion from one of the Logic forums IIRC.

Looking at Logic's control surfaces, I found two instances of Automap, left over because I no longer use a Novation controller. Deleting these solved the problem straight away. I have no idea if this means that having a Novation controller attached to your system would have a similar outcome and not play nicely with the Prophet.

It took a while and some frustration, trying every combo of MIDI settings first. I'm pleased now I can get on with playing. I've still yet to work my way through all the patches, I keep getting hooked on one nice patch and start experimenting. Lovely sounding synth :)