Using 16 tunings mode with Ableton

Using 16 tunings mode with Ableton
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I have my tempest set up to be triggered by MIDI within Ableton. The tempest is set to "16 tunings" mode and the midi being sent to the tempest from ableton is triggering "16 sounds mode."  I'd like for the Midi to trigger "16 sounds mode"

any help on how to remedy this would be greatly appreciated


Re: Using 16 tunings mode with Ableton
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Go to T’s System settings and inside Midi polyphonic keyboard play set the pad and it’s channel that you want to play polyphonicaly..Finally make sure your Remote Pad In Channel is different than your Synth In channel..
From the manual:
“IMPORTANT! The MIDI: Synth IN Channel must be set to a different channel than Remote Pad: IN Channel in order to function properly. If they are set the same, the note-to-pad mapping detailed under “Remote Pad: IN Channel” overrides the MIDI: Synth functionality.”
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