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no connection via powered USB hub?

no connection via powered USB hub?
« on: April 04, 2018, 03:20:01 AM »

I'm experimenting with the best way to connect my REV2 via USB, so I can use the Codeknobs REV2 editor / AU plugin.

First I have connected the REV2 together with my Subsequent 37 to a belkin powered USB hub, the output of the hub going to the USB HOST port of my iConnectivity MIO10 interface that was connected to my macbook pro (late 2011).

Both synths were recognized in my iConnectivity software, so I could get it to work quite properly.

Now that I try to let all my devices go to the hub (MIO 1O, Subs37, REV2,...) that is going to my computer, the REV2 doesn't get recognized anymore in that particular setup. The mio and Subs37 are working fine.

When I connect the REV2 directly to the USB port of my computer, it gets recognized again...

What can be wrong in the case of connecting all my USB hardware (mio, subs37 & REV2) to the USB hub?