Zoom ARQ

Zoom ARQ
« on: January 23, 2016, 03:59:55 PM »
I know it's not an analog synth, but so are the many of the eurorack modules are, and this one inspired me very much so I'm making a topic for this ARQ from Zoom.

It seems to be a new generation groove box with extremely intriguing user interface including a detachable ring shaped Bluetooth remote controller, an editable synth with 538 oscillator types, a rhythm machine, a sampler, an multi-effects processor, a looper, a step sequencer, three accelerometers, and so on. It's such a new freeform instrument with new ideas for interactive performance.
It must be fun to use on live stage the LED lit ring shaped remote controller with 96 trigger pads with TR-REC style recording capability, and accelerometer for changing the synth parameters in real time.

BTW, the ARQ stands for Aero RhythmTrak.
US$599, coming in April this year.

The Japanese chief engineer who designed this, got the idea from people tapping the steering wheel of a car when they listen to music while driving.

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