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Are the Auxilary envelopes digital? They are a lot longer than the AMP EG?


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I only ask this because i've gone back to the Tempest for my kickdrum and sound designing i ususally get where i want to be tweaking and give this no thought, but today couldn't shave off enough using the AUX envelope to just get the transient i wanted, then i realised that if i run the same sample through the aux envelope with the same decay time as i would use on the AMP envelope i get a much longer envelope decay.

After all this time i think i know this machine and still it throws stuff at me, i might even be forgetting things and relearning them at this point, lmao.

edit - I don't remember the AUX envelopes being as incredibly long as i'm finding them right now, i'm going to do a systemwide check and see if it needs calibrating or something, i remember being able to get really nice sound design transient wise and much snappier envleopes using the AUX to EG>OSC Level. Something feels off. I did just get some new Genelec monitors maybe i'm just hearing a lot more detail now and able to hear the transients etc much better and thats why i'm noticing this now. Argghh...
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You can always map any envelope to itself in the Mod Matrix to change the envelope curves, which is essential for transient designing. As is the "peak" parameter.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Aux envelopes had longer decay times, as that makes them more useful for aux-type things, while the Amp needs lots of resolution in shorter time frames for the drums