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Honeymoon still not over(OB6)!

Re: Honeymoon still not over(OB6)!
« Reply #20 on: February 13, 2018, 02:42:36 PM »
I just got my OB-6, so I guess I'm just joining the choir here, but this thing sounds amazing. Like others describe, it's so alive. I own a P12 and Rev2 (which just replaced my P08), and the OB just gives me those extra 5 % of whatever it is.
For a specific type of classic sounds I kind of feel like there's no competition from the other two. Whenever I start from scratch with a patch, it feels like you basically cannot make it sound bad.

Re: Honeymoon still not over(OB6)!
« Reply #21 on: March 02, 2019, 06:25:29 AM »
I agree with all the glowing reports on the beautiful OB-6!

I've owned many, many analog synths old and new.

I've owned the Prophet 6 and Rev 2 (both sold because they; esp Rev2; just didn't cut it on sound overall - good in many ways but not jaw dropping awesome).

Enter OB-6.... everything I wish the other synths had been, the sound is more than good enough to cop 'vintage' (while not specifically being so which to me is a bonus in this case), better than that it's its own thing and sounds like the optimum blend of old and new with just enough features to be flexible (I've had some amazing sounds out of this actually far beyond what I had out of my Rev 2 or Prophet 6 due to the intricacies of the gorgeous filter/X-mod and the rich present sound that other DSIs lacked for me).

Mainly, as others have said, it's a very inspiring synth. It has a tone and ease of sound shaping that makes you want to create sound after sound and song after song to put those sounds in. Prophet 6 had some great things about it, made many great patches but it was always 'work' and always felt kinda dressed up from clinical/sterile/static. Just not as musical, smaller/harsher sounding, stiffer sounding... if OB-6 to me is 10/10 on sound (and it is) I'd honestly have to put P6 at around 7/10 (if that) and that was only on some sounds; even with the gain levels backed off as recommended , OB-6 it's on nearly ALL sounds!

The Rev2 wasn't great, Prophet 6 ate it for breakfast, OB-6 eats it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper! Rev 2 may sound, superficially 'ok' at first but it has very severe tonal limits based on the weak filter, the thin oscs and the only saving grace is the tons of modulation (again - WORK) which even after all that never results in ANYTHING like the OB-6 (or barely even the P6).

Those who've not had all 3 in their studios, used them in songs, really don't know what they are missing or can compare (ignore  ALL stupid YT videos - 99% of them make all 3 synths sound a lot worse than in reality with your own sounds). Those silly 'vs' videos that get them down to basics or try to compare like for like sounds, they lack the hearing to actually hear/feel the difference in how the OB-6's sound blooms and glows and is 'in the room' like some of the best old analog synths, the P6 is a lot more constrained, tucked away, tinny almost and very 'in the box' sounding, Rev 2 can make some pretty sounds, sure but nothing to write home about and pretty weak overall.

Sorry this turned into a kind of attack on other DSI synths, they are all good in their own way but that's just how much BETTER OB-6 is at the job of being an ANALOG synthesizer. The others are closer to VA almost by comparison and lack life and mojo.

OB-6 also sounds light years better than the Moog One (and Korg Prologue). Nothing touches it in this price bracket

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