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Prophet 08 user device definitions for Studio One 3

Prophet 08 user device definitions for Studio One 3
« on: January 27, 2018, 02:36:28 PM »
This is as much a backup strategy for me as it is a gift to anyone that might need it.

Attached is a zip file which can be extracted into C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Roaming\PreSonus\Studio One 3\User Devices (Windows) or ~/Library/Application Support/PreSonus Software/StudioOne 3/User Devices (Mac)

In Studio One, Options->External Devices:
Browse to the Dave Smith Instruments folder which should exist.
Add Prophet 08 Instrument
Leave Receive From: None
Choose Send To: <your midi interface>
Choose the channel you want, or All, choose the three midi options and hit OK.

Hit Add... again, and browse to the Prophet 08 Keyboard in the same Dave Smith Instruments folder.
Choose Receive From: <your midi interface>
Leave Send To: None

optionally choose 'default instrument input' and hit OK.


The user device specs have the names of automation parameters and knobs for midi mapping controls already set. This is all just CC values, no nrpn. I know, I know.

The P08 sounds great and is also knobby enough to make a great VST/DAW parameter controller.