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Re: Waldorf Modular
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I really really hope that the keyboard version will come in a 61key version at some point... I really want a master keyboard with a Fatar keybed, and I believe the TP9 should be quite good, and then this one would give a nice entry into modular synthesis... but 37 keys is simply too little...
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I find the keyboard kb37 so interesting, even feel of a sort of paradigm shift in eurorack world.

Before, the euroracks were very interesting but also seemed pretty cumbersome, since it was tucked away in a rack.

But now, mobility is added.

With a hosting keyboard with eurorack dock, it's a DIY keyboard synth, so to speak. You can bring from your room your own only one in the world kind of synth keyboard to your live stage or to a recording studio. There are lots of fascinating modules from so many manufacturers including physical modeling and granular synthesis ones as well.

True that 37 keys is not enough for real keyboardists who like to play keys a lot, but at least it provides a minimum enough way to play a monosynth.
For those who wanted to have a eurorack system but were somewhat hesitated to have a huge rack system, this will be an ideal entrance with familiar looking keyboard style and aspects.

BTW, projected price is said to be 800 to 900 euros??
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I think it's cool too. There has been another not so well-known manufacturer that offered something like this before - can't remember who it was though.

Dunno anything about the price yet. In the US it says "on request" on Sweetwater's site for example. I would guess that the whole package (keyboard controller + all 4 modules) shouldn't go beyond two grand.