oscillator 2 strange behavior

oscillator 2 strange behavior
« on: January 15, 2018, 12:24:42 PM »

just noticed that when I'm only using osc 2 with wave on full triangle sometimes the wave will slightly moves to saw  :o

let's say I press the same key three times : 1st time : normal triangle 2nd time : normal triangle 3rd time : triangle with a touch of saw

really hope one of my voice is not good for changing

Re: oscillator 2 strange behavior
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  I'm not sure...but this may tie into what you are seeing.  To first clarify, I had no effects or filtering engaged, but just the other day I noticed similar wave shape peculiarities on the oscilloscope.   What I noticed (and I don't recall off hand which oscillator it was) but if I'd pan left or right, then one channel was mostly triangle while the other channel was more sine.  In otherwords,  the wave shapes seem to vary slightly contingent between left and right blend.   Not sure, maybe it's designed that way.  All I know is that after not touching this instrument for a month, and then hearing it again.  Wow,  it sounds so darn good.   
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Re: oscillator 2 strange behavior
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2018, 08:38:46 AM »

DSI request that you email them directly at the support email. This way you can get faster reaponse from them and get troubleshooting steps right away. Hopefully you’ve emailed them by now...

Re: oscillator 2 strange behavior
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yep looks like everything is ok,just the normal behaviour of analog electronic