2018 the year the String Machines/Vocoders came back...

Re: 2018 the year the String Machines/Vocoders came back...
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Not yet ;)

In all seriousness String Machines simply give a different texture or are another color in one's pallet of sounds. Same with Mellotrons, Lo-Fi Samplers, DX7 type tones, Combo Organs, it's all comes together for different things. Would I use it all the time? No. Would I use it as an element alongside by Moog, Prophet 6 or V Piano. You're darn tootin.

This is an important concept that a lot of people overlook.  Each instrument brings its own pallet of sounds.  It's not whether one can make a P-08 sound like a P-12, or a DX or whatever.  If you really want the Moog sound, get a Moog - but don't try to imitate the Moog sound with another instrument and then be disappointed when it doesn't sound Moogy enough.  The important thing is to understand the sound pallet you have in your instruments, build the desired music and bring the best out of that pallet.   
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