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Re: In terms of gain staging...
« Reply #20 on: January 20, 2018, 01:10:51 PM »
I went online and looked at the RME UFX manual.  Page 22, Sect. 8.6.   Here is adjustment of the gain for analog inputs:

"The input sensitivity of the rear inputs can be changed in three steps in TotalMix (Input Channel
Settings, Level), assuring the highest signal to noise ratio will be achieved. A further optimization
can be achieved by adjusting the source itself. Raise the source’s output level until the
peak level meters in TotalMix reach about –3 dB."

ARNK, does this help?

I appreciate you pointing this out, I'll need to dig in a bit further as these settings are not so easily found within the TotalMix FX software as far as I can see at the moment.

For instance, I have three options in terms of input channels in TotalMix: -10dBV, +4dBu and Lo Gain.

This is with the output volume set to max on the PRO 2:

  • -10dBV clips and causes distortion almost automatically, I realize this choice isn't appropriate anyway...
  • +4dBu works on a few patches, but for most they clip/distort the signal
  • Lo Gain seems to be the right option as only a few patches clip, but the rest range from -25dB to -7dB, not 3dB. On the patches that clip I can turn the volume down some on the synthesizer, but the other patches aren't anywhere near so called "optimal recording level".
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