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SysEx Librarian

SysEx Librarian
« on: December 10, 2017, 12:16:16 PM »

The librarian LASER Mammoth has been updated today. Already containing six DSI instruments, now the seventh one - Rev2 - has been added. It was a honor to me being the beta tester. We could finish a first version which looks pretty good.

A short summary: The website runs on a MIDI capable browser (Chrome, Opera). You can read/write banks from/to the synth, sort the programs, send programs easily to the edit buffer of the synth for testing, save them in user libraries and (a really interesting part in our community) share your programs to other users. Pro users may also import/export the SysEx files from/to local storage.

Here you will find it:

BTW: You can load Prophet 08 programs using the appropriate device selection and send them directly to the Rev2 for testing and doing whatever you need!
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