Pro 2 and Beatstep Pro

Pro 2 and Beatstep Pro
« on: January 12, 2016, 09:43:55 PM »
I am attempting to use a Beatstep Pro to sequence a Pro 2 via CV, not MIDI. I know MIDI would be easier, but there is a very specific application for which I cannot use MIDI.

Has anyone used this specific setup successfully?

Right now, I have one of the Beatstep's sequencers Pitch out to Pro 2 CV1 in. In the Mod Matrix, I have CV1 routed to "OSC All Freq", with a value of 64. I have the Beatstep's Gate out to Pro 2 CV2 in, with that routed to VCA, with an amount of 90.

Using the Beatstep's pads as a keyboard, playing C results in a very high E on the Pro 2. Going to Global Settings on the Pro 2 and changing the CV1 scale to -127, it plays a lower E. Using a DC offset in the Mod Matrix is the same as subtracting numbers from the "OSC All Freq" value.

I am using the latest OS on the Beatstep, and the original OS on the Pro 2.

Thank you.

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Change the CV scale back to 128. This is used to scale tuning around the 1V/oct not for offsetting tuning issues.

I haven't got a Beatstep Pro but I had a look at the manual,  on page 80 you are going to need to check the settings for Seq1 and Seq2 0V midi out, they should be the lowest C you can choose.

I have read on the internet that the Beatstep pro is meant to output 0V-10V which is the same as the P2. The problem is many Beatsteps do not as they are not calibrated correctly, they seem to output a minimum of say 3V. They is a calibration pot inside if you are brave enough.

Otherwise you are going to need to offset the P2 tuning to match the output of the Beatstep. Do this by either tuning the oscillators on the P2 or by using a mod slot: DC->Osc All Freq and messing with the amount till it's in tune.

Tuning the oscillators is the best bet as you have finer control using the "Fine Tune"

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Thank you for your response. Will report my findings.