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Control Mophos with LinnStrument

Control Mophos with LinnStrument
« on: November 28, 2017, 04:03:22 PM »
Hello everyone,

Iíve got kind of a weird and possibly stupid idea. Seeing as the workaround for getting quasi MPE out of tetra seems to be very cumbersome, I was wondering if using multiple mopho Desktops held any advantages. I understand that only a single Mopho Desktop can be polychained to the Keys, nevertheless I wonder if one could send midi data from the Keys to multiple Desktops at once by splitting the signal and programming them all in one go that way. One more thing, can the Mopho Keys be controlled by an external controller while it is polychained to a desktop unit? Iím wondering if I could somehow send each individual unit in such a setup velocity, pitch bend etc from the LinnStrumentís different channels while using the mopho keyboard to alter the patches.
I hope Iím making some kind of sense.

Thanks in advance for bearing with me :D


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Re: Control Mophos with LinnStrument
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2017, 03:06:32 AM »
What gear do you have? A Tetra and a Mopho Keyboard?

Turn off polychain when wanting to use MPE. Instead you use Tetra in Multi mode and Possibly Combo mode, use the same program on all four channels and enjoy playing a four voice synth with your LinnStrument.

If you have a Mopho Keyboard too then its simply a fifth voice. Connect using MIDI Thru from the instrument connected to LinnStrument to MIDI In on the other instrument, align the channels so that they are next to each other and make sure that the channels used match those used by LinnStrument's note output. Check its manual and/or with a MIDI monitoring program.

Program changes are left as an exercise for the reader! Obviously its all about understanding the controller and synths that you use.

Good luck with it!
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