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New features:
1. Input Clock midi port. Now you can route MIDI clock and sync messages from DAW to synthesizer to sync arp and seq.
2. Latency parameter in preferences. Now you can set latency between playing note and signal on audio interface. Сhanging this parameter requires disabling and enabling the plugin instance.
3. Delay parameter in preferences. Sets delay for playing sequence, Can be useful for sync DAW and synthesizer when audio signal doesn't captures in audio interface in DAW and routed to console etc.
4. Sidechain audio input. Now you can route audio data to the editor, it can be useful in some DAWs when you want to process audio on channel with the editor.

- Fix plugin audio output. Now it is stereo.
- Fix issue with displaying VST in Studio One 3 and 4
- Different minor fixes in layouts

I ran into a couple issues this weekend.  First was I was unable to purchase the VST, kept getting an "error/try back later" message.  The second issue is, using the demo, my Prophet 12 freezes out on me and won't accept MIDI data unless I reset the globals.  I think this P12 freeze happens around when the demo plugin stops but I'm not certain of that.  Maschine is a bit weird with MIDI so that may be part of the issue. 

1. I still solving problem with online paymens. You can email me if you want get the editor.
2. I suppose wrong midi setup that can occure this issue. You can email me to support and I try to help to solve this.

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Thank you, I am all set up now.  Love the VST!  I demo'd yours and the Sound Tower one.  I found yours much more useful and easy to use.

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New version 1.16 released!
- Reduced video memory usage
- Minor fixes and changes

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X-MAS SALES! P12 editor just for 34$!

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For a long time I did not publish news about updates. So... :)

New version 1.23 released!
- Minor fixes and improvements

BTW. On my opinion the editor should be pretty stable and bugs free. I use it every day in my production. If you unlucky tried it sometime ago then try it now. But don't forget to properly configure your setup by this article

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Black Friday Sale!