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Bugs and more

Bugs and more
« on: November 01, 2017, 03:39:02 PM »
Haven't seen those topics here so I thought I'd bring a few issues up.

Prophet 12 OS Ver:
Ulf Vinyl Stenberg

Bugs and more

1_1_UV Master Tempo Fail / Processor Overload
Use STACK-mode A+B. Set [Edit Layers] to A+B. Hold a Oscillator button to enter ALL OSC-mode.
Use Arpeggiator and play notes
If you do any changes to Osc parameters the Tempo fail.

1_2_UV Quiet Synth 
If you connect a Sustain pedal to Pedal 1 or Pedal 2 and the [Global 20 or 21 Pedal X Function] = Master Volume the P12 will be quiet. It will stay quiet until restart. There should be a way to reset this soft. (Maybe thereís a key combination already?)

When LFOx Wave Reset is ON the first cycle of the LFO is faster
I had an idea to use the LFO as a (almost) in sync pulse-effect live. With [WAVE RESET] set to ON you should be able to play short fragments, a bar or so, without the synth going out of tempo/sync with the live drummer (no fancy stuff like clicks or so used). The problem is like it feels like the first cycle of the LFO is shorter/faster. Hold a key - then try to hit a second one and make it in sync you have to hit it a fair amount after the Phase is 0 (zero) on the LFO. If you hit the second one in sync with the pulse from the LFO the second note will have an LFO that is out of sync (before) the first LFO.

::: This make the problem hearable and clear :::

Set Arp/BPM Low to hear the problem more clear (30 Bpm)
Oscillator1 Output Level=0;
LFO1: Rev Saw, 16th, SYNC=On, Destination: OSC1 Level, Amount=127, Slew=0, Wave Reset=On, Phase=0;
LP Filter Cutoff=60;
MODULATION: LFO1-> ( Amount=127) -> LPF Cutoff, DC -> (Amount=-127) ->Pan;
DELAY1: Delay Time=Qrtr, SYNC=On, Amount=127, Feedback=0, Pan=127;
Do like this!: Do the settings. Play a note. Youíll clearly hear that the LFO and the Delay is out of sync after the first cycle (flam between L/R channels) . From 2nd cycle and on, itís in sync.

The Play List-mode would be much more useful if the Display just displayed the name of the Program and didnít reacted on parameter changes. I see Play List-mode as strictly a performance mode which allows you to turning knobs as well as quickly move between sounds.

1_5_UV ... Also - The way you transfer sounds to the synth is not very handy. It should be useful if you could put single Programs on ANY Program-number. And also rearrange Programs in the synth from the computer in an easy way.

::: END :::