Updating OS & Clocking P12 with Shuffle / Swing

Updating OS & Clocking P12 with Shuffle / Swing
« on: October 27, 2017, 02:54:49 PM »
hello everybody  and nice to meet you :)

a while ago i got my P12 Module and i am truly excited to say the least with the sounds & their quality! i would like to ask you in case you could give me your ideas about this:

i am having a bit of an issue when i send to the synth a midi clock signal with swing/shuffle from my E-RM Multiclock.

I send midi notes & clock as audio singal from my DAW & my soundcard to the Multiclock which then transmits them to the P12.

I test the multiclock with my other synths and drum machines and when i add swing/shuffle they are all affected by it, but not my P12.

 Is there any reason you might think this is happening? Some sort of menu / option i should check? I tried everything in the Global settings, Midi Control Enable, Midi Parameter Receive, Midi Clock Cable, but nothing seems to allow me to make my P12 swing.

This brings me to the second question. When i try to update the P12 OS either through USB or MIDI, as i follow carefully all the steps listed on the website, i can't get the P12 to go into displaying the countdown indicating the progress of the SysEx file’s transfer as expected. Not sure if i am missing something basic here? I follow all the steps on PC using MIDI-OX.

Thank you so much in advance!

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