Any tips for using Soundtower librarian?

Any tips for using Soundtower librarian?
« on: October 11, 2017, 08:52:09 AM »
Trying to grok the differences between the bank manager and the librarian, mainly for just compiling my favorite presets into one User Bank right now.  Looks like copying and pasting in the bank manager is the way to go, but I've yet to fully understand how the Librarian works.

Also, am I correct in that the Soundtower editor will let us replace Factory Banks 5-9 with our own presets now?

Thanks everyone, most of the editor is pretty simple to figure out, but without a manual some of this is a bit hit or miss.



Re: Any tips for using Soundtower librarian?
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Hey Tarekith -

I'm no expert, but happy to share what I know / what I've learned..    First - the SoundTower editor, doesn't allow you to overwrite banks 5 through 9.  Only Banks 0-4 can be written to... 

My quick Librarian tips...
1.  Before you do much . . . make a backup of banks 0-4.  Yes, they're backed up in banks 5-9... but, it is nice to have copies of these banks..
2.  Plan out, how you want to organize your patches.  (or not).  In my case - I have settled on creating entire sets of specific tones.  Here is what I have / use for my 'keepers':
000-099 Pads / Strings. 
100-199 PolySyn patches
200-249 Brass patches
250-299 Sound Effects
300-349 Keys.  (Organs, ePianos, ...)
350-399 Bass, Sweeps, Stabs, Percussion patches
400-449 Leads
450-499 Arps / Sequences

I went through the factory patches initially, and wrote down which category I would move keepers to.  I 'kept' maybe 40-50 of the factory patches.. and moved them into the categories above.  If a bank / patch location was unused... I 'initialized' the patch.. so it has nothing in it's slot, in the librarian.  Just an init patch.

It may look like I've filled my 1000 patches (because the upper 500 are factory / unchahngable) - but there is a LOT of room in the categories I have setup.  With stuff in categories - it's a ton easier to built up right-hand side sets / programs. 

There are Soundtower video's on how to use the right hand side windows... but in general - I use those to load up sysex files / patches , audition.. then move the patches into banks 0-4.   

One thing you can do, is look for other SoundTower librarian videos..  I learned a bunch of stuff early on - from watching their videos for other synths (there is a lot of commonality between them).

hth -


Re: Any tips for using Soundtower librarian?
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Thanks very much, I'll check out some of their other videos.

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Ok, the videos for the Pro-2 and the Prophet helped it all make sense, thanks for the tip.

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I'm actually really impressed with the Soundtower editor, there's a lot more functionality there than I was expecting.  Everything seems to be stable and working perfectly too.  I love being able to use the QWERTY keyboard to play patches while sorting them into custom banks.

Re: Any tips for using Soundtower librarian?
« Reply #5 on: May 28, 2018, 10:22:04 PM »
Is it just me, or is the sequencer a bit obtuse and glitchy to use? Particularly Iím having difficulty with the velocity editing. Sometimes it doesnít work at al and other times it seems to edit in an unpredictable manner. Does anyone have a process that enables straightforward programming of polyphonic sequences?

Any experience with using outboard software or hardware sequnvers for polyphonic?
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