Paraphonic Mode Glitch - Osc1

Paraphonic Mode Glitch - Osc1
« on: September 12, 2017, 09:34:56 AM »
So i started noticing this occasional issue with paraphonic mode where repeating a single note will cycle through oscs 2-4 but exclude osc1. i like setting the oscs at different waves and pitches then sequencing or arpeggating through them. I started noticing lately that i would occasionally only get the three oscs and not all 4. Rebooting the synth clears out the issue. Any ideas?

Here's a phone-shot Youtube video illustrating it.

My $$$'s on a software bug here, but i'd be glad to be proved wrong.

Re: Paraphonic Mode Glitch - Osc1
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Which operating system version do you have installed? If you have consistently reproducible steps for reproducing this behavior, please email them to our dedicated support channel, and we'll look further into it.