Filter not closing all the way?


Re: Underlying tone always present
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well to help you you're gonna need to do the init patch (basic program) dial in anything (one layer only) and uploade that again showing the issue. Cos all I've got to go on is the patch you uploaded and it sounds exactly the same here due to having some sustain level in the envelope (so working as expected). Without another sound to compare to mine I can't really help, TBH I've barely touched the presets I'm not a preset kinda guy so maybe all the presets have a bit of level for some reason, my sounds are made from scratch so try it as above and see if there's stuff there even when you've not specifically given it any sustain (or stacked sound).

If any sound has ANY setting for 'sustain' in the amp env (and then also the filter env to be able to hear the filter) then you'l l hear some sound after the main sound, whether it's poly, mono, unison or w/e. Dial down those sustain envs and see if it's still there.

People did speak of oscillator bleed but it's hard to see if that's the issue with that one sound to go on (which is working as expecting due to level in the sustain envs).

Maybe someone else can help you from the description alone but based on what you've posted I can only say its working as normal in the case of that patch.

To stop it on that patch but trying to keep the body, you'll have to up the ENV amounts knobs + the Decay amounts while reducing the sustain amounts to zero. THat shoudl just give you a pluck with no held tone after.(remember to edit both layers though or remove from stacked mode)
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Re: Filter not closing all the way?
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Threads merged? that's not confused anything at all. lol.

The guy I was replying to posted a patch with some sustain in the env carrying on a 'tone', not some extreme low level noise/osc bleed, I confirmed this because I went to the same patch, removed the sustain and it was silent!

if he had been referring to the osc bleed/noise rather than 'an inherent tone' it would have helped for him to describe that more clearly, I was listening to the actual patch! :)