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sustain pedal problem combining layer with arp and layer without

Hello, I just bought a Rev 2 and so far I love it, but ran into a huge issue:

combining a normal synth layer (A) with an arpeggiated layer (B) while using the sustain pedal. (which is such a pity because I think these are the richest sounds)

I would think the most natural way for the sustain pedal is to:

- act as a regular piano sustain pedal for the synth layer (A)
- 'hold' the notes of the chords for the arpeggiated layer (B) into the memory of the synth so that the arpeggiator doesn't stop when a chord is released with the fingers.

The problem

- getting the pedal to work for the synth layer (A) alone is easy. I just plugged in a sustain pedal and went into the global menu to set the pedal polarity to reversed. I don't know why I had to put it into 'reversed' since I want to use it as a regular piano sustain pedal (maybe because of bad wiring in the pedal itself..) but I needed to choose this option to get it working  as 'normal'. Strange, but no problems so far.

- the real problem: when pressing down the pedal, the hold button becomes activated, and when I play a chord very briefly the arpeggiator continues because the chord is held down (which works as expected: still great). But when I play a new chord this is where the "nightmare" starts...I'm a professional pianist and know how to use a sustain pedal. When I play a new chord I only change the pedal right after the new chord is played, otherwise there is a gap (brief silence) between the chord. So when I play the new chord there are a few milliseconds before I change the pedal. During these few milliseconds there is an overlap of the two chords on the Rev 2, which is good, just as on a regular piano. BUT when I afterwards release  the pedal (in order to press it down again right after) the arpeggiator just stops (silence!) although I'm still holding the chord with my fingers!...

In short words: when you hold a chord with your fingers and add pedal everything works fine on the Rev 2. But when you release the pedal WHILE STILL HOLDING the chord with your fingers, the hold button is turned off and the sound is gone although you still are holding the chord with your fingers. This makes no sense. Every time I change the chord, the arpeggiator stops and I have to replay the chord to start the arpeggiator again.

not working solutions I found so far

I however found a way to get the arpeggiated layer (B) working as I wish but to do so I can not longer use the sustain pedal and therefor can't use layer A at the same time. The way to get it working is to:

1. not use a sustain pedal...
2. turn the hold button to activated (permanently)
3. turn 'Arp Relatch' on in the arp menu

This way every new chord (=new note collection) retriggers the arpeggiator to work with the notes of the new chord.

Another incomplete solution is to dig into the global menu at turn 'Sustain Arp' to 'Sustain' (instead of 'Harp hold').
This makes the sustain pedal more usable for both layers, it works perfect for layer A, but only half for B:

instead of only 'holding' the notes to be used for the arpeggiator into the memory of the synth, it also adds the real
sustain pedal effect (which is only needed for the synth layer A). As a result the arpeggiated notes are literally sustained causing a very muddy sound since the notes do not longer replace each other, they all keep on sounding together.

solution ?

As far as I can see the only solution would be to prevent the deactivation of the hold button when the sustain pedal is released while fingers are still holding the chord. On a regular piano holding down a chord after the pedal has been released also doesn't cut the sound, it is still held until the fingers also release the keys.
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Re: sustain pedal problem combining layer with arp and layer without
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I got my Prophet a couple of days ago and am having exactly the same issue, and it is driving me nuts.

Firstly, the sound is amazing. I love it. No problems there at all. In fact it's all pretty much perfect apart from this one thing - sustain pedal inconsistency.

What needs to happen here is for the Arpeggio Hold to be UNLATCHING when controlled by the sustain pedal (as with sustained sounds). The sustain pedal is NOT a latching pedal, ever. Not ever. When in 'Sustain' mode, the sustain pedal should momentarily activate Hold, exactly as it does for non-arpeggiated sounds. Having it behave differently for arpeggiated and non-arpeggiated sounds makes it impossible to layer them. Latching the Hold can already be done easily by pressing the front panel button with your finger - there is literally no situation I can envisage where you'd need to latch it with the sustain pedal.

So, when you're playing a gorgeous arpeggiated sound (layered or not), you can use the Sustain pedal to... SUSTAIN the arpeggio!

So, to clarify exactly how it should work IMO, and the fix I'm requesting: front panel button - latching (as it already is). Sustain pedal - UNlatching, on both non-arpeggiated sounds (as it already is), AND arpeggiated sounds (which it isn't). Hope that makes sense! :)

Or make arp sustain latch/unlatch switchable in Global.

I'm sure this is a trivial software fix. Please please please rectify as it is ruining an otherwise phenomenal synth for me. I can make beautiful sounds - I just can't play them (or not the arpeggiated ones anyway) Thanks x

Re: sustain pedal problem combining layer with arp and layer without
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The issues with the sustain pedal functionality (lack of options) are a bummer, and have been brought up several times before in the forum.    Since sustain functionality is such a core part of the performance of any synth, its a shame that a great synth like the Rev2 is hobbled by poor sustain pedal options.

At minimum, there should be an option to have the sustain pedal hold the arp on when depressed, and stop the arp when released... that seems like low hanging fruit.  Forcing a momentary sustain pedal to behave like a latch is just an odd choice... we have a dedicated hold button if we want a latch... or we could use a latching footswitch if we want that type of behavior.  The sustain pedal should behave like a sustain pedal (whether the arp is on or off)  There should be a way to keep the momentary behavior working... that is the most intuitive choice.

DSI, can you give us another choice in Global > Arp  section that makes the sustain pedal hold notes when the sustain pedal is engaged, and release the arp/notes when the sustain pedal is disengaged?    Seems like this should be just a few lines of coding?
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Re: sustain pedal problem combining layer with arp and layer without
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Is there any way to recommend a post? Because @creativespiral is spot on here  :)