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Polyphonic sequencer

Polyphonic sequencer
« on: July 22, 2017, 10:13:21 PM »
Hi guys. I have question regarding the polyphonic sequencer. I have to admit that the rev 2 is my first hardware so maybe I am doing something wrong. But now to my question. I switch to polyphonic sequencer and hit record. In the display it says track 1 step 1. Now I record a 64 step sequence which is one note per step. I hit play and everything runs fine. I want to record a second track so I press record and turn the track knob. Now the display says track 2 step 1. I record another sequence one octave higher, one note per step. Now when I hit play the sequence on track one seems to be missing some notes and does not play back like it should. Tried this several times with the same result. Do I make a mistake? Any help for me? Thank you in advance.
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Re: Polyphonic sequencer
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No word from the experienced users?
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Re: Polyphonic sequencer
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I understand how some folks can be confused. I don't think anyone is answering because a thorough explanation would take a lot of typing.
I will summarize for you but recommend the manual regarding gated sequencer and polyphonic sequencer.


Gated Sequencer: Think of it as a modulation sequencer - or a 16 stage envelope - or a 16 step programmable LFO. You get 4 slots to assign to a parameter and up to 16 MIDI clockable steps to adjust those parameters. You can use 2 tracks for melodies: 1 for OSC1, track 2 for OSC2 if you want. Personally I use it to modulate parameters for pads. The most important thing to remember: it is never intended to be a workstation 'sequencer' in the traditional 'musical arrangement' sense. Its just another fancy envelope that you can sync with MIDI. Think of it that way.

Polyphonic sequencer: This option allows you to record notes directly with the keyboard - no parameter changes. up to 64 steps can contain 1 or more notes. There is no 'track 2' or 'track 3'.  Just 1 sequence. The polyphonic sequencer is not intended to be a traditional workstation 'sequencer' either. It mostly serves as a short sequence of notes to demonstrate a patch. I find it useful to play while I'm editing a patch.

Both the Gated and Poly sequencer shares the same block of controls. You toggle the "Gated" and "Poly" switch to engage either of the features.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Polyphonic sequencer
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You're probably running out of polophony!

Experienced users would be a little more helpful if you were to explain your issue a little clearer too. What voice version are you rocking, is it a unison patch you're running, you know, standard kind of stuff.

The answer above has hopefully cleared up the answer for you, basically you don't have cubase inside your new toy and a little read through the manual would of helped you out there.

Also bear in mind that users here are not at liberty to help you out, though this group of people  are very helpful, a little patience and I'm sure you'll get your answer.
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Re: Polyphonic sequencer
« Reply #4 on: July 25, 2017, 10:53:12 AM »
Thank you guys. I am sorry that I wasn't clear enough with my question but your answers helped me a lot. I am the guy who loves to read the manual of all the things I own and so I did with the manual of the rev 2. What I didn't understand is that the polyphonic sequencer has only one track to record notes to. I misunderstood the track 2, track 3 and so on, in the display.
So thanks again for helping me and taking your time and if I come again with a question I'll try to ask with more detail. Cheers
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Re: Polyphonic sequencer
« Reply #5 on: July 25, 2017, 01:55:32 PM »
The poly sequencer does in fact have 6 tracks to record notes to. Since it is a very basic operation, during live recording it is possible to record *up to* 6 notes per step. But because there's no "overdub" feature, any additional note data you want to add after the initial live recording pass via the keyboard can and must be done in the edit screen, by using a combination of the Track, Parameter, and Value encoders in conjunction with the Mode/Rest Destination/Tie buttons. To enter a velocity for a new step, hold Record while turning the Value encoder.

This is also outlined in the manual under the heading "Editing a Polyphonic Sequence" on page 44 of the manual.

Re: Polyphonic sequencer
« Reply #6 on: July 25, 2017, 10:08:07 PM »
Thanks a lot for your explanation. I'll take a deeper look in the manual. Cheers
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