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Feedback on "Prophet 12 BETA Main OS" thread

Feedback on "Prophet 12 BETA Main OS" thread
« on: June 27, 2017, 02:29:27 PM »
(Reacting to cbmd's Beta OS thread here as that one is locked.)

A couple of things I've found with
  • Apply env3 or 4 to Osc slop with either positive or negative amount: the slop randomly goes up or down. Best heard with large amount and e.g. playing an octave.
  • The synth does not start up with the patch that was selected when it was powered off. Sometimes the power-up patch changes, but it is not clear what causes this.
  • Revert + button 4-pole / sync / unison / glide does revert the setting as shown in the display, but does not revert the button state itself (the documentation only mentions revert for knobs, but the revert screen mentions knobs and buttons). This leads to an inconsistency where eg sync is disabled while the sync button is still lit. Then pressing sync turns on sync in the settings and leaves the sync button lit, and pressing it again resumes normal behaviour.
  • Aux Env 3 longpress: enters an overview mode like osc or lfo overview, but the layout is inconsistent: eg simultaneously shows attack for amp/filt env, and decay for env3/4. Prev button allows paging back throught all param screens, eventually freezing the synth.
  • Documentation: what does the Delay "Fdbk mode" low/high option do?
  • Documentation: Latch 1 + Transpose Down: Led -2 lights up. Enters a mode where only voices A1 & 2 are used, only those leds light up, sound becomes duophonic. Looks like a test mode?
  • Documentation: the patch level as shown on the page with distortion level is the same as the level shown in the patch A/B screen.

I hope this can help...