Patches Lost...

Patches Lost...
« on: June 26, 2017, 12:46:07 PM »
Between yesterday and today, my REV2 managed to forget some of my patches.  To set the scene, I've been editing patches from bank 4, starting at patch 128 and working downwards.  I thought there was something missing when I first started playing today, as I was expecting a different sound from the one I heard (I was on patch 122).
I switched patches, heading upwards, and some of the factory patches had reintroduced themselves, overwriting my own ones (125 - 128). 

I updated the OS on Saturday, but before doing so I dumped bank 4 (as it was at the time, I've created a few more patches since) into MIDIOX, as well as just patch 128 from bank 4.

I've just transmitted the single patch to the REV2 and it seems to have restored the entire bank, as it stood on Saturday.

Thankfully, I'm just diving in at the moment, but that would have been a nightmare if I'd needed the patches.

Anyone else experienced this?
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