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Looking for Pro2 AND Prophet12 owners willing to help on some tests...

(copying this from what I posted on the FB Pro2 users group; will also be copied in Prophet 12 forum)

As some of you may know I have built a free Pro2 editor/librarian Ctrlr panel.
Some people asked me to make a P12 version of it and I have someone testing it as I don't have a Prophet 12.
So, you'll get this one soon.

This gave me the opportunity to build a way to load Prophet 12 sounds into the Pro2 panel.
Tbh, it works nice and you get nice sounds BUT I'd like to get help on actually comparing those sounds with the original ones. For example I think that I should reduce Delay 4 amount or just set it to 0 as on the Pro2 it is BBD and not on the Prophet 12. As the Prophet 12 has less features than the Pro2, most of the other stuff are quite OK.

Btw, still wishing DSI would do a new hybrid mixing OB6 and poly Pro2 in one nice synth ("JD-XA on steroids"). One can always dream ;)

So, please contact me if you are the happy owner of the Pro2 and a Prophet 12 and if you are willing to help me with those comparisons and adjustement tests.

For the others: I'm preparing a version 2.0 of the Pro2 panel. It will correct some minor mistakes, add inverted envelopes, load P12 programs and banks, categories management and program randomizer.
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