Newest Prophet Rev2 Main OS - 1.2.0

Newest Prophet Rev2 Main OS - 1.2.0
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    It is highly unlikely to incur data loss from an OS update attempt, but always better safe than sorry. Just remember, you're never going to say to yourself "Man, I wish I'd backed that up before starting..."

    The OS can be updated via USB or MIDI DIN.
    We do not recommend using the following MIDI interfaces for SysEx transfers as we have had multiple users experience problems with them:
    Native Instruments Maschine
    Digidesign Mbox/Mbox2
    Digidesign 001/002

    Rev2 OS update instructions for Mac or PC

    To check if the OS update was properly installed, go to the Global menu by hitting the 'Global' button. The OS version is displayed in the bottom right corner.

    If your OS load countdown doesn't complete:
    • Update your MIDI drivers for your MIDI interface to the latest or last known stable version
    • Try alternate speed settings: transfer speed settings as low as 25% and as high as 100% have worked for some users when 80% did not
    • Try an alternate MIDI interface. The M-Audio MIDI Sport Uno works well here and is relatively cheap
    • In Windows with MIDI OX on Windows XP: Try doubling or quadrupling the Size setting to start, and halving/doubling the number of buffers
    • Search google and/or forums for the company that produces your MIDI interface to see if other users are having similar problems with SysEx transfers and whether there is a solution specific to your interface
    • If you are on Windows XP, try another OS or machine. Although it's not ideal, we have had less problems with Mac OSX and Windows 7. Windows XP has known issues with SysEx transfers

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: Layered gated sequencers offset issue when in key step mode

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: Layered gated sequencers not advancing through steps properly
    • Bug Fix: If just Layer A or B is active, the gated sequencer plays all 16 steps in key step mode (arp on/16th), but in stack mode just 8 steps of the sequence are played
    • Bug Fix: On the Module, arp relatch does not always work
    • Bug Fix: FX doesn't update when changing programs quickly
    • Bug Fix: Change master / slave terminology
    • Bug Fix: Arp/seq on, sequencer only sends note ons
    • Bug Fix: NRPNs still received when Param Rcv global set to OFF or CC

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: fringe error in oscillator range playback which caused clicks/pops when modulating/triggering oscillator at various frequencies

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: Improved arp beat sync performance
    • Bug Fix: Patch parameters on some presets cause corruption of sound when navigating to other presets
    • Bug Fix: Tap Tempo LED does not blink when externally synced
    • Bug Fix: Resolved issue with Misc Params menu, encompassing several small fixes
    • Bug Fix: Multimode On, single layer prog, select Layer B, PLAY LED not illuminating

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: Arp beat sync active, first played note incorrect relative to arp mode
    • Bug Fix: Improved arp beat sync performance

    Main OS 1.1.5
    • Bug Fix: With stack active, sequencer triggered by pedal, sequencer does not start
    • Bug Fix: Beat Sync improvements/fixes
    • Bug Fix: With stack active, synth outputs two MIDI note messages per key played
    • Bug Fix: patch parameters on some presets cause corruption of sound when navigating to other presets
    • Bug Fix: Stack on, layers set with unique BPM, Layer B tempo indicator blinks irregularly
    • Bug Fix: problems with arp relatch in split mode when hold is active

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: Internal sync, arp beat sync on, arp onset not quantized

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: clock sync'd LFOs stop running when split/stack pressed

    Main OS - Release Candidate
    • Feature: Alt. Tuning scales can be exported via sysex from Global menu
    • BugFix: Clock synced LFOs were previously being calculated incorrectly, as the result of a bug dating back to the Prophet 08. This was fixed in BETA, but resulted in changes to user patches utilizing synced LFOs. introduces versioning so that user patches with clock synced LFOs made prior to mostly sound correct with the fix. The caveat is that some time divisions still won’t sound correct and will need to be manually reset. We felt that is was better to have this bug fixed, despite the inconvenient result in certain limited circumstances. Thanks for understanding.
    • Bug Fix: CC119 was double assigned. CC119 still controls Amp Env Decay, as documented. Start/Stop Sequencer CC now assigned to CC95
    • Bug Fix: Alt. Tuning scales cannot be loaded unless MIDI Ch. ALL or 1 selected
    • Bug Fix: LFO1 LED does not blink
    • Bug Fix: Sustain pedal fix

    Main OS
    • Feature: Momentary ARP sustain mode added
    • Bug Fix: Sync'd LFOs drift when externally sync'd
    • Bug Fix: Various Multi Mode fixes
    • Bug Fix: Various sustain pedal fixes

    Main OS
    • Feature: CC#119 steps sequencer according to Global Seq Pedal mode
    • Bug Fix: Basic Program through globals does not work
    • Bug Fix: NRPNs wrong for new globals Program Send and Save Edit B
    • Bug Fix: Stack on, sequencer poly mode, pressing play does not start sequencer
    • Bug Fix: Mulitmode On, Stack On, Poly seq mode both layers, hung notes on B layer when disengaging Play

    Main OS
    • Feature: Arp Beat Sync global
    • Feature: Arp/Sequence notes send to MIDI out global
    • Feature: Program change send on/off global
    • Feature: Display target program name when saving and compare on
    • Feature: Save Layer A + B Edit Layer B mode global
    • Bug Fix: Synth not responding to CC11 through mod matrix
    • Bug Fix: Arp on, sustain pedal turns hold on when it should sustain
    • Bug Fix: Arp relatch not working on Layer B
    • Bug Fix: Gated sequencer, step mode, Layer B works differently than layer A
    • Bug Fix: Multi on, sending program change message affects both layers
    • Bug Fix: Multi on, sending all notes off on single channel affects both layers
    • Bug Fix: Cannot record to Poly Sequencer with Local Off
    • Bug Fix: Bug with specific patches parameters not changing following program change
    • Bug Fix: Sequencer cannot be turned off in specific cases
    • Bug Fix: Bugs related to edit buffer receipt
    • Bug Fix: Pan Mode defaulting to Alternate regardless of saved state of parameter

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: All Transpose LEDs illuminate when +2 selected

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: Improved encoder response

    Main OS 1.1.3
    • Feature addition: L/R Balance now adjusted automatically as part of the calibration procedure.
    **NOTE: Global L/R Balance parameter added in OS version  has been removed.**
    **NOTE: You must recalibrate the oscillators and filters after installing OS 1.1.3.**

    Main OS
    • Feature addition: Global L/R Balance parameter added (Global #24: Main Balance)
    • Bug Fix: additional voice stability improvements
    **Note: after updating to OS version, you must:**
    • Power cycle
    • Perform a Global Parameters Reset
    • Calibrate the oscillators and filters from the Global menu

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: additional voice stability improvements

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: additional voice stability improvements

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: additional voice stability improvements
    **NOTE: You must recalibrate the oscillators and filters after installing OS**

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: Local off, sustain pedal messages not transmitted to MIDI out
    • Bug Fix: Multi Mode on, Pitch and Mod wheel data only transmitted on base channel
    • Bug Fix: Multi Mode on, if same note sent to both channels at same time, note on ignored on layer B
    • Bug Fix: Layer B sequencer not triggering from sequencer jack
    • Bug Fix: Local off, ARP OFF NRPN not sent to MIDI output
    • Bug Fix: Multi Mode on, Stack/Split on, note sent on base channel trigger layer B
    • Bug Fix: Unison on, Last Retrigger key mode, legato notes triggered late
    • Bug Fix: External sync on, Split on, gated sequencer not functioning on Layer B
    • Bug Fix: Pulse width of oscillator waveforms between voices improved

    Main OS
    • Feature: Layer audition added. Located in Misc Params, use Edit B to change target layer, use Value/Program/Bank encoders to change programs.
    • Bug Fix: Additional encoder response improvement.
    • Bug Fix: VCA Level not reset on patch change.
    • Bug Fix: Gated Sequencer. Setting rest on a sequence with a reset point causes unexpected behavior.
    • Bug Fix: FX params wrap around when modulated. Also, negative modulation amounts do not decrease the feedback.

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: Improved encoder response.

    Main OS
    • Bug Fix: OSC 1 frequency jumps to higher value when externally sync'd via MIDI DIN.

    Main OS 1.0.5
    • Bug Fix: Pedal to LPF half/full range doubled.

    Main OS 1.0.4
    • Bug Fix: Noise floor louder on one channel on all outputs.
    • Bug Fix: Mod wheel can continuously output values +/- 1 around currently set value.
    • Bug Fix: LFO/FX do not change frequency when sync'd, synth set to external clock, and BPM is changed.

    Main OS 1.0.2
    • Feature: Added Global parameter #21 Foot Pedal Assign for easy pedal assignment.
    • Bug Fix: Setting the Mono/Stereo Global to Mono adding distortion to most effects.
    • Bug Fix: Screen saver not always activating properly.
    • Bug Fix: Adjusting master volume pot in Relative Pot Mode causes the parameter to become stuck at the maximum value.
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    Re: Newest Prophet Rev2 Main OS - 1.2.0
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    Beta OS version was revved to 1.2.0 for production and is available on the Sequential support page, here:

    If you note issues with the oscillators following the update, please calibrate the wheels, clear all calibration data from the synth, and recalibrate the oscillators/filters thereafter.

    Calibrate the Wheels: Press the GLOBAL button, navigate to the CALIBRATE WHEELS menu item, and press the WRITE button.  Follow the onscreen instructions to perform the wheel calibration.

    Clear Calibration Data: Hold both TRANSPOSE buttons and press the GLOBAL button.  Navigate to the CLEAR CALIBRATION menu item and press the WRITE button.

    Calibrate oscillators/filters: Press the GLOBAL button, navigate to the CALIBRATE menu item, press the WRITE button.  The calibration will commence and its progress will be shown on screen.

    **If you're updating from below OS 1.1.3, you must:**

    Perform a Global Parameters Reset
    Recalibrate oscillators/filters

    If you are updating from 1.1.3 or above, these steps are not necessary.