Faulty hi-pass cutoff pot

Faulty hi-pass cutoff pot
« on: December 14, 2015, 08:38:43 AM »

I just received a brand new Prophet 6 today and there is a problem with the Hipass Filter cutoff pot.
I noticed it only seems to alter the sound when set from 3/4 to fully clockwise.
I then check what midi value the pot was sending to see if it's the pot or the filter.
I confirm the pot is behaving badly. It starts to only send values when around center position, then between last 9/10th of it course you get the values from like 20 to 127.
Then I updated to os and now the pot start sending values from its 0 position but still totally off. Midi values goes from 0 to like 30 from the pot off position to it's 9/10th position and then again the values from 30 to 127 span from this position till the fully clockwise position.
I did the caliber procedure several times but it didn't change anything.

Is this a sign of faulty pot that needs to be replaced or is there a way to recaliber it ?