my drawing _ Modular Keyboard Workstation/midi Controller W/ Modular Keybed

hello, i'd like to show you a sketch i've made some time ago
Modular Keyboard Workstation/midi Controller W/ Modular Keybed
based on a modular keybed i virtually designed the concept of it, 64,76,88 keys .. i believe that the keybed is possible to make at home with some wood and a rotary tool, the measurements on the sketch file are true as these are not all drawn by entering numbers, there's some math used to draw the black keys as an equation

for who would like to get benefit of it or make a public project suck as a midi controller with premium action keybed ...


unit used in inches

raise the precision to 1/64"

black keys are not sketched .. just consider 1/16" gap at each side of a black key
keybed construction is very modular:

64-keys consists of two main subsets of 32-keys ..
main_subset1: A0 to E3 & main_subset2: F5 to C8

then each set is divided into 3 subsets
main subset1 devides into subset1: 8-keys A0 to E1 .. subset2: 12-key (an octave inverted) F1 to E2 .. subset3: 12-key F2 to E3
main subset2 devides into subset4: 12-key F5 to E6 .. subset5: 12-keys F6 to E7 .. subset6: 8-keys F7 to C8

for 76-keys version add a 12-key subset7 attached to either main_subset1 F3 to E4 for example or attached to main_subset2 F4 to E5

for 88-keys version add an onther 12-key subset8 attached to the other main_subset, for example main_subset1 F3 to E4 if free or attached to main_subset2 F4 to E5

for 76-keys version (inverted) ... swap the 8-keys subset1 in main_subset1 with 8-keys subset6 in main_subset2 & then invert the keys allocation .. then swap 12-keys subset2 with subset5 & subset3 with subset4 & maybe attach subset7 to the other main_subset ..
then consider each 12-keys subset to be consisted of two subsets: 7-keys F to B & 5-keys C to E .. swap these two subsets within the same 12-keys subset then reallocate the entire keys of those 7-keys & 5-keys subsets to be inverted

and with respect to the matrix scanner or the under-keys sensor boards take it as 4x2 matrix for the 8-keys subsets (A0 to C1 & C#1 to E1)&(F7 to G#7 & A7 to C8) and 4x3 for the 12-keys subsets (F to G# & A to C & C# to E) and consider the 12-keys as a whole subset

and consider to group each main_subset with each other by connections then treat each main_subset with scanner board as one matrix or scan each subset by itself