Undocumented features

Undocumented features
« on: May 11, 2017, 09:23:39 AM »
I recently got a P12 and I'm loving it! While getting acquainted with all features, knobs, buttons and everything, I found a few things that I can't find anywhere in the documentation. I wonder if anyone could shine some light on them:

1) Delay "Fdbk mode" low / high: found on the last tab of the delay screen, not documented afaics. I tried all kinds of combinations but couldn't really find out / hear what this does... What's this supposed to do?

2) Latch 1 + Transpose Down: found this after reading about the Latch 1 + Hold shortcut for INIT sound. The transpose LED -2 lights up, and the P12 enters a mode where only voices A1 & 2 are used (only those leds light up anyway), and the sound becomes duophonic. Pressing it again returns to normal mode. What is this?

3) Press and hold aux3 or 4 button: enters a mode similar to press-and-hold LFO1-4, OSC1-4 etc, but shows parameter overviews for the AMP/FLT/AUX3/4 envelopes. But here the story gets interesting: at first this yielded inconsistent screens, e.g. attack for AMP/FLT, but decay for AUX3/4 when turning AUX attack (iirc), and staying inconsistent when using the next/prev parameter softbuttons. Then I felt adventurous and started paging all the way back with the prev parameter button: to my surprise this showed all the parameters in the 'round dial' fashion, even the toggles, OSC types etc which are normally displayed differently. Until I got to the apparent left-most screen of params and the synth just froze up... After cycling power everything was fine again (phew), and now press-and-holding AUX3 or 4 gives consistent envelope overviews, both when turning knobs and using prev/next! Wondering what that was...

Thanks and happy sound hacking!

Re: Undocumented features
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2017, 11:55:02 AM »
The first one was added in a firmware upgrade a while ago, looks like it missed out being documented.

The other two sound very interesting, sounds like 2 is some functionality that maybe was being tested and never "made" it into a release, definitely going to try that one out.

3 sounds weird, I have never noticed any inconsistency or the extra params, I have the module so maybe it is different.

Well done for finding these.