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I could have written about debug mode, sorry. It's in a separate thread on forum a little bit down.
Had to ask support for it.

LFO1 + LFO4 + Global toggles debug mode menu.
What I looked for was ability like in Take 5(read on forum) copy U1-U4 over to F1-F5.
There is the other way too.

Compared to Take 5, REV2 has plenty space to store own presets to overwrite.
But still it's another 512 that are freed up if there is a reason for that.

For me there is usually way too much effects and stuff on factory presets, so remove that or modify further to liking. I mostly use factory presets to learn nifty ways to modulate stuff to get an effect. Gained quite a lot of ideas examining those. But several really nice as are too.

Among favourites are DubChord on layer B for U1:P101. Removed unison and effect, copied to layer A, modified pan spread in one layer a bit, OSC SLOP different in layers too and almost done activating both layers. Fluffy nice bass with 2 voice unison this way.

Re: Prophet Rev2 Manual
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Thanks.  Being able to overwrite the factory sounds is a good feature.  I expect I'll do that, eventually.

I feel the same way about presets, generally.  Some are nice, but a bit over the top and need cleaning up a bit.  Some are not something I'd want, but are interesting to start from, to see what I can make out of them without starting from scratch.  Some are probably best wiped, to make some empty slots.