Linking Prophet6 Keyboard with Ob6 desktop

Linking Prophet6 Keyboard with Ob6 desktop
« on: April 27, 2017, 03:45:36 AM »
Hi all :)

I've juste received my OB-6, Please help me to setup everything properly.
I would like to play with the Keyboard of the prophet6 the sounds of the OB-6.
I've connected both in USB and plugged a Midi Cable from Midi out of the Prophet6 to Midi In of the OB6.
It works with some sounds but for others sounds like bank 128, the sounds becomes crazy after 2 secondes playing (like huge distortion). Is that issue is coming from a bad installation of the setup, Midi cables ? 

EDIT  : When I disable BP Filter Button, the sound stops to be saturate & Distort (and less volume). the Behavior of this parameter is it normal ?

Thanks a lot
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