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DSI outboard sequencer w/ CC, poly, multitrack, macros EXC..... (((!YES PLZ!)))

Hi all,

I just wanted to point out just how awesome and under appreciated the sequencer on the Pro-2 is. I my quest to go back to basics, I've been searching far and wide for a good hardware sequencer. So far Ive found the MPC4000 to be the absolute best next to the MIDIBOX Seq V4 and the Arturia Beatstep Pro. The reason the MPC wins there is because its knobs do step sequencing not just for midi notes but for CC data as well! It seems all these new step sequencers are completely neglecting CC data. I mean not even pitch bend or mod wheel are being supported. The thing Midibox has over the MPC and the rest is that its polyphonic. The Pro-2 is absolutely amazing in its flexibility aside from being monophonic to my knowledge.

My purpose here is to float AN IDEA:

What if DSI took the sequencer from the PRO-2 and made an outboard polyphonic sequencer with both per step AND fluid CC control? Would that not be cheap easy and bad Fn azz!? The outboard sequencer market is growing and the trends are shifting that way. Add some cool chord calculating, and some gate/swing/transpose/midi delay macros like on the old groove boxes and you'll be on the cutting edge of the current market! Nobody's put out a decent sequencer for years because people got away from them. WHY? Because they strayed from sequencing and tried to compete with computers in synthesis and sampling. I'd like to see DSI do a sampler too but thats a whole other rant ;) Seriously, the outboard sequencers they're making right now are so basic, its amazing they sell at all. Beatstep Pro? It doesn't even have an 'accent' function. The Pro-2's onboard sequencer blows that thing out of the water! Hell the AN1X from the 90s killed that thing fifteen years ago but people are buying the crap out of it because its a cool 'new' approach to the inspirational phase of writing music. Add a 'song' mode and tandem sequencing for solos and long stuff n you got a fun new piece of gear that can run your whole rig start to finish.

Dave, company guys, focus group members, fellow fans: we can do better than whats on the market. Its already here, it just needs to be removed from the synth, stacked up a few times and added ability for polyphony. YOU CANT GET the SE Engine because its so popular and its basically the same thing. We have the tech, the development is almost already complete. DSI can CORNER the hardware sequencer market w very little effort. MY only question for you now, is WHY NOT? I'd

Cummon guys you can do better than whats out there right now. This is an EASY ONE.