Is Tempest for me?

Re: Is Tempest for me?
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Thanks all for the input. Think I'll give it more thought and try to spend some time with one eventually. Funny that sequencers became a topic as the Tempest has what seems to be a pretty decent one built in. I am also curious if it's easy to sync to incoming midi clock.


Re: Is Tempest for me?
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Syncing to midi clock is of course fine. Works perfectly.

I actually like the sequencer. But I like to make sounds evolving on their own, in the sound design process, rather than automate things into the sequencer. I use the fx strips live in stead of recording it into the sequencer, which is where things become a bit quirky anyway. The only thing I do miss is Polymeters amongst other things.

But all in all, I don't think the sequencer is bad. The rest of the T more than makes up for it.

Re: Is Tempest for me?
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Thanks again all for the input. Hopefully picking one up locally this weekend!

Re: Is Tempest for me?
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I think these two videos show what it's like to make a drum sound on the Tempest. In my opinion, it takes a lot of work to master this process.
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Re: Is Tempest for me?
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Tempest is for the treatment of monotony and static rhythms.

Tempest may not be for everyone. Some users may experience side effects such as euphoria and creativity.

If you think Tempest may be for you consult your Dr. Rhythm first.

Tempest is only available through certified music retailers not pharmacist.


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