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Thanks, Jok3r.  It's a sound quality that I feel no desire to improve (except for the recording quality, of course).  I'm completely content with the Prophet '08.
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Hi all - I think I've posted this song before, but we've just had the video premiered today, so I'm back to present the song once more. I mean, clowns, right? Who doesn't want to see clowns in a pop video?

The song is pretty sparsely arranged... Prophet 5 is the main chordal synth, Moog Grandmother plays the "solo." Soma Lyra 8 is the distorted "guitar." Digitakt drums, P-bass and Pianoteq finish things off...

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Ok, I got the "B" 2600 before the great "dist".   But it is a nice synth nevertheless. I can get some convincing flutes from it and nice basses too.  The Vermona paired with it always speaks for itself.    I have both in a rack with some other semi modular stuff.   Just a little ditty I did.
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After 5 months of silence.....I'm back. Time to get spooky.

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This is a very short (90 second) track that I recorded as an experiment in one take. I was playing a simple riff with lead on the Moog Model D, and pad/bass on the Prophet 6 that was controlling the Peak via MIDI and using a Nord to add some Rhodes-y sounds. The sonic "wash" made my ears happy. So I opened the DAW and recorded the MIDI of three keyboards and the audio of the Moog in one take. I re-recorded some of the audio by playing the MIDI back through the P6, Peak, and Nord. I had to keep the original audio from the Moog because it doesn't use after touch from MIDI. I then dropped the drum track on top of the four audio tracks. The result is, as one might expect, a big swirling mess of squishy sound. But it was fun to do and I found a bit of enjoyment in it.

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Hey all - I know this isn't standard practice in the "Your Music" thread, but... I'm doing a livestream gig tomorrow (Sunday March 26) at 1pm (PST) on Facebook. I've been doing these streamed concerts with my wife (and our dog and cats) since the pandemic kicked off. The gigs are synth-free - I'll be playing acoustic 12-string and Wurli - but songs are songs in my world. You needn't have a Facebook account in order to view, and if you miss the livestream, the concert will be archived for later viewing. These have been fun gigs, with a small audience tuning in from all over the world. If you're looking for something to fill an amusing hour, please tune in! Thanks, Ant

Here's the event link...

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I want to dedicate this to my awesome girlfriend. She has been such a huge support system for me through some hard times. Every time it feels like there is some immoveable obstacle in front of us she's always there to give me that extra push we both need to persevere.

I've been a big fan of John McCallum's work for a while, specifically his low budget synth oriented scores (Terror Eyes, Surf Nazis Must DIe etc) and one of his best is the score for the incredible Miami Connection. While his synth set up consisted of a Casio CZ-5000 and Sequential Circuits Pro One on Surf Nazis Must Die, I'm not sure if he had the same set up for this.

The Prophet X is doing my "cheap synth" patches that I created using the onboard synth samples (not the onboard oscillators) and cranked the filter drive to give it a really dirty lo-budget feel.

The Prophet 6 is in Unison Mode mimicking the Pro One's duties. Doing all the low bass tones and sound effects.

The Tempest is doing all the drum machine parts through use of a "Tom Cart" kit from Sequential's Tom (as well as some other onboard digital drum machine samples)

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