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Newest BETA Pro 2 OS - v1.3.1.35

Newest BETA Pro 2 OS - v1.3.1.35
« on: March 15, 2017, 06:02:13 PM »
Not that we're expecting bad things to happen, but always better safe than sorry. Just remember, you're never going to say to yourself "Man, I wish I hadn't backed that up..."

We do not recommend using the following MIDI interfaces for sysex transfers as we have had multiple users experience problems with them:
  • Native Instruments Maschine
  • Digidesign Mbox/Mbox2
  • Digidesign 001/002
Updating the Pro 2 OS on a PC
Updating the Pro 2 OS on a Mac

To check if the OS update was properly installed, go to the global menu by hitting the 'Global' button and the OS version is displayed at the top of the 3rd column.

If your OS update failed:
  • Update your MIDI drivers for your MIDI interface to the latest or last known stable version
  • Try alternate speed settings: transfer speed settings as low as 25% and as high as 100% have worked for some users when 80% did not
  • Try an alternate MIDI interface. The M-Audio MIDI Sport Uno works well here and is relatively cheap
  • In Windows with MIDI OX on Windows XP:  Try doubling or quadrupling the Size setting to start, and halving/doubling the number of buffers
  • Search google and/or forums for the company that produces your MIDI interface to see if other users are having similar problems with Sysex transfers and whether there is a solution specific to your interface
  • If you are on Windows XP, try another OS or machine. Although it's not ideal, we have had less problems with Mac OSX and Windows 7. Windows XP has known issues with sysex transfers

NOTE: Please RESET GLOBALS after loading the latest OS version.


  • Fixed Bug: Various paraphonic sequencer bugs


  • Fixed Bug: Increase modulation range of exponential FM by four


  • Fixed Bug: Paraphonic mode does not work with sequencer in playback and note track turned off
  • Fixed Bug: Global reset clears playlist
  • Fixed Bug: Lock sequence ON holds program name when program changed
  • Fixed Bug: Exponential FM range fixed
  • Fixed Bug: Various sequencer improvements/operations
  • Known Bug: Alternate Tunings are playing incorrectly
  • Known Bug: Exponential FM full range cannot be accessed through modulation


  • Fixed Bug: artifacts in DDL when feedback turned up


  • Feature: Arp beat sync: On/Off selectable in Global menu
  • Feature: Linear FM mode: Toggle between Exponential/Linear FM in 4th soft tab of Oscillator screen
  • Feature: Alternate Tunings: Available in Global menu
  • Feature: Sequence lock: Keep current sequence while changing programs. Access it from soft button 4 in main program screen
  • Feature: Sequencer direction - Forward, Backward, Ping Pong, Random: Available in 4th soft tab of seq/arp screens
  • Feature: MIDI CC out from sequencer: Available as a mod destination in the sequencer
  • Feature: CV gate out from sequencer: Available as a mod destination in the sequencer
  • Feature: Switchable high and low feedback for DDLs: Available in 2nd soft tab of delay screen
  • Feature: Add rest/tie when recording to track 1: While recording, pressing a step past current step will add rests all the way to the target step. Ties work the same way when you are not recording
  • Bug Fix: 70+ bug fixes!  Too many to list.
  • Known issue: artifacts in DDL when feedback turned up

OFFICIAL RELEASE: OS 1.3. This is identical to the beta OS, only the version number has been incremented to 1.3.


  • Feature: Mono record to tracks 2-4 in Paraphonic Record mode
  • Bug Fix: Velocity for a given step is taken from the last note track recorded for that step in Paraphonic Record mode


  • Bug Fix: Crash when pressing a key and holding a sequencer button while recording in paraphonic sequence mode


  • Bug Fix: External MIDI clock messages interrupting note on/off processing and causing no/hung notes to be heard
  • Bug Fix: lag when transitioning between cue'd sequences via the playlist


  • Feature: increased panning modulation destination range
  • Feature: added paraphonic recording mode

  • Fixed Bug: sequencer should send all notes off when sequencer stopped
  • Fixed Bug: when clock set to master and clock is transmitted to MIDI port 1, changing sequencer destination to MIDI out causes hard crash
  • Fixed Bug: sequencer play button does not always start sequencer
  • Fixed Bug: MIDI arp note and program send globals not present in global parameter dump
  • Fixed Bug: received program change commands are not loading saved program into edit buffer when program change equals curently selected program
  • Fixed Bug: copy sequencer track assigns slew to a value of 100 on all steps of copied track when track is not MIDI track
  • Fixed Bug: sequencer - seq play mode, restart off - playing a key advances the sequencer to the next step
  • Fixed Bug: when sequencer in playback, playing a key on the keybed advances the sequencer 1 step
  • Fixed Bug: MIDI CC timing issue with local off and MIDI loop
  • Fixed Bug: program changes do not work well when local is off
  • Fixed Bug: does not respond to universal sysex device inquiry messages
  • Fixed Bug: sequencer sends out MIDI Start when transposing
  • Fixed Bug: when local control off, sequencer play source set to "key", sending MIDI note to Pro 2 does not start sequencer
  • Fixed Bug: key play mode, env trig off, hold on, note stops play
  • Fixed Bug: when sequencer is on, not in playback, and retrigger off, holding a key and pressing and releasing another causes envelopes to retrigger on key release.
  • Fixed Bug: when local off and arp to midi on, no notes are sent to MIDI output
  • Fixed Bug: sequencer responds to MIDI Start/Stop when in step mode
  • Fixed Bug: play once does not stop when seq length is less than the max seq length
  • Fixed Bug: play once does not work when restart on
  • Fixed Bug: seq env trigger off, seq notes off, note out is sent when sequencer played
  • Fixed Bug: playing a key does not advance the sequencer when gate source not key, play source key, play mode step, env trig off
  • Fixed Bug: analog distortion seq track destination quick select not working
  • Fixed Bug: play source key, play mode once, restart on, pressing key causes first step of sequence to play twice
  • Fixed Bug: sequencer play button does not send out MIDI START command when sequencer activated using button
  • Fixed Bug: midi clock slows when keys are played
  • Fixed Bug: local off, sequencer play button does not send out MIDI start/stop message
  • Fixed Bug: when track 1 notes off, env trig on, seq does not retrigger envelopes
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Re: Newest BETA Pro 2 OS - v1.3.1.23
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New Alternate Tunings file to fix the names has been added to the first post in this thread.


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Re: Newest BETA Pro 2 OS - v1.3.1.35
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New Pro 2 BETA OS released!
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