Going through the presets.. My experience and tips


Going through the presets.. My experience and tips
« on: March 14, 2017, 09:07:52 PM »
Giving the presets a go?  Good idea!  They not only demonstrate what the OB-6 is capable of, but make an excellent starting point for developing your own timbres. 
•   Many (most) of the presets, have sequences set up.  Really useful for getting a feel for what the programmer had in mind.  Hit the [PLAY] button when going through them,
•   Mark up notes for your favorites.  Don’t just write down the program numbers.. but capture notes on what type of preset it is (for example:  SynBrass, Strings, PolySyn, Percussion, Efx,  BrassTemplate, BassTemplate…) .   I will also write down settings I changed while sampling… that I liked.  For example – “Turn off UNISON”, Kick up Filter Amount, Add LFO Sweep, re-do the Sequence, etc
•   Adjunct to the last tip..  If you make changes to the program that you like – go ahead and write/save them.  In this case – you will already be on the Bank, Tens and Program… just hit the [WRITE] button and the program number you are on.  The original is safely tucked in the upper banks..  Save your changes
•   When I am done marking / writing notes about favorites – it provides:
  • A list of programs that I will want to use as templates for future patches
    o   A list of programs that I will build into set lists for later use
    o   Catagorized list of timbres I found useful.  I’ll use this to know what types of timbres I need to build up / add later
Final tip on presets — and I am borrowing this with pride from this post: http://forum.davesmithinstruments.com/index.php/topic,142.msg1115.html#msg1115  where user, Fuseball recommends using the DEMO version of the SoundTower editor.  That thread is discussing the P-6 … but the suggestion works the same for the OB-6. That is..  even with the DEMO version of the SoundTower for the OB, it will reflect the settings of the OB-6 as you select patches.  You can see the settings for the selected program.  This is a great way to view the settings for the patches you like.  Link: http://www.soundtower.com/ob6/index.html and click on the download menu item (top of screen).

I am still going through the presets… and it’s been nearly a week.  I’m finding it’s easy to get distracted, and go back to the few dozen I’ve found I want to explore further or use.  Everyone is looking for different things from their OB-6.  Me?  I wanted to add additional analog girth to my JD-XA and FA-06.  I have that in spades.  There are a few of the included patches that are very close to what I had created on my JD-XA.  Tonight I lost an hour… jamming with a preset that I changed pretty radically – which compliments a layered JD-XA patch (very close timbre) I had created, months ago.  The ‘XA patch has layered digital drum parts which I tempo sync’d with the OBs clock… and it is bliss playing these together.   The OB version of this patch has that OB-fizz, that just can't be made or matched.   Cool beans.   I lost an hour Sunday ( CA daylights savings time), and an hour tonight ( JDoo OB Preset time).

Anyway -- Mark your preset favorites.  Write down keepers, ones you want to use as starters/templates, or have settings you want to explore later.  …and don’t forget to hit the Sequencer [PLAY] button while you are trying em out.  Oh - and use the free version of the SoundTower editor to check the settings for the programs you like.

Crap – I could have said this in a couple of sentences..   Carry on - -  :)