is a beta. 

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The only thing I'd like to see is better Midi capabilities. I'd like the Tempest to sequence two monophonic synths at the same time.

Why stop there? Why not have it sequence 16 external synths with 8-note polyphony for each?

MIDI sequencing was never in the original Tempest specification, as much as one might make the case that it should have been, and development on the janky monophonic 'sequencing' we have now has demonstrably frustrated and/or distracted from fixing legitimate bugs with functions that were in the original spec.

Selfishly, I'd like Tempest to have a full MIDI CC implementation for all parameters because it would suit my particular situation/workflow, but this late in the game I nevertheless try to limit my lobbying and requests to what's realistic and to fixing/solidifying what's in the original spec.
Just give me the ability to control the sliders with MIDI CC. Such a small feature, but such massive capabilities.


Re: is a beta. 
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Actually found a work around for that, but you need an MFB dominion for it :P

You can route the modulation and pitch strip from dominion via cv to the expression pedal inputs of the Tempest. These touch strips are controllable via midi ;) then you can route any modulation destination to the expression pedals. Voila!