DMS03 after 4 months


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DMS03 after 4 months
« on: February 27, 2017, 05:41:24 AM »
It's been four months since I added the DSM03 to my euro synth.

When I first got it, I wasn't really sure about it. I liked the sounds I was getting, but I didn't really understand how to control it.

Now, I find it a completely indispensable part of my sound. Rather than being an occasional or niche effect, I've found it has a great number of uses. It's replaced my drum machine (sold!) and my reverb unit (died!), it can be a modulation oscillator for FM (demo video coming soon), and the lowpass filter has grown on me. If I were to step up to 6U@104HP (which won't happen), I'd make room for a second one.

Here are a couple pieces that use the DSM03 in different ways. Here, it's the rhythm sound. It comes after the low pass gate and has a sort of hand-drum sound:

This piece uses two outputs from a single oscillator. The triangle goes to the lowpass gate, and then to the mixer. The sine goes to a waveshaper, then a band pass filter, then to the DSM03 where it gets delayed. This processing makes it sound like a completely different part, even though it's just one oscillator recorded in real time.

This is a simple one: here, the DSM03 is basically acting like a light spring reverb.

This is an actual attempt at Karplus Strong synthesis. Even though the DSM03 doesn't internally track at 1v/oct, it's still possible to get plucked sounds if you BYOO (bring your own oscillator).

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