ATA/Road-Case Option ~ Solution


ATA/Road-Case Option ~ Solution
« on: February 19, 2017, 10:02:16 AM »
I found this great flight case for the Pro 2.  I secured my synth in this thing while I was traveling around Russia and Estonia for 5 months and it made back here to the States in perfect condition.  I work as a flight technician and I often see how sensitive instruments get tossed around the cargo holds, so I'm surprised to see hardly a scratch on my case after traveling to Russia and back.  So yeah, if anyone is looking for a safe travel bed for their Pro 2, I can recommend this 37 Key case from Odyssey.   I'm sure there are some other options out there using Pelican or SKB cases, but for this one, the price was right. ~ I found it on Amazon last Spring for around $129.

It holds my Mono Evolver Keys as well.

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Re: ATA/Road-Case Option ~ Solution
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Wow! Almost $100 less than the Mono bag too. Thanks for the heads up!