Problem transferring sounds to Tempest under OS 1.4 ?

Problem transferring sounds to Tempest under OS 1.4 ?
« on: February 16, 2017, 09:17:33 AM »

I'm new to the Tempest and currently have it running under OS 1.4.0

Can someone help me with the 2 questions below:

1) I'm trying to load new sound files such as 'Various Tempest' to the Tempest but without success.
The same happens when I try to load the original factory sounds of OS 1.0
I'm using MIDI-OX under Windows 7 and have configured it this way:
a. "Options > Configure Buffer > Low level output buffers" set to size=1024 and num=1024
b. "Options > Midi devices" set to Tempest (Tempest showing in the top-right screen) via USB cable
c. "View > Sysex > Sysex > Configure" set to delay=375 and delay after F7=1000
d. I load the sysex sound file via "Command window > Load file"
e. I send the sysex sound file to the Tempest via "Command window > Send sysex". When I do so, the Tempest displays "**Receiving sound file**" and when the status bar of the transfer is finished on MIDI-OX, the Tempest keeps displaying the same message "**Receiving sound file**" but nothing is transferred and no key does respond on the Tempest. So, I have to switch it off.
Precision: I have 564.0 KB free on the Tempest and tried to load sound files of 8 KB without success.

How can I do this?

2) I managed to load some beats from the 'Various Tempest' file.
BUT when I'm in 16 sounds mode and select a pad, the display shows i.e. "Snd: A1/Hi Q".
However, when I click on "Save/Load > 4. Load File (Sound/Beat/Project)" I only have Type, folder, and file options and I can't find out how to access this A1 sound bank to load the sound "Snd: A1/Hi Q".
How can I do this?

Thanks in advance for your help as I am a little bit lost...  :(


Re: Problem transferring sounds to Tempest under OS 1.4 ?
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2017, 04:28:00 PM »
You have to understand that Tempest's storage is devided into 3 categories.Projects,Beats & Sounds.Don't let 564.0 KB fool you.From what i understand there's definitely a free space issue here.And don't use MidiOX i had problems with it in the past using various settings.Use Elektron's C6 which doesn't need any modification...