Can Alternative Tunings be changed by MIDI?

Can Alternative Tunings be changed by MIDI?
« on: January 24, 2017, 04:06:53 AM »
Alternative Tunings are accessed using the ALT TUNING button in the GLOBALS section. I have performance situations where I would need to switch from one tuning to another on the fly. It is awkward from the panel because it's in the Globals section; besides, you have to choose the setting with the increase/decrease buttons.
Is it possible to change the tuning setting via MIDI, i.e.. by sending (from an external device) a MIDI message that selects, say,  the preset number 14.

(Note that I'm not talking about importing one's own tunings to replace the existing presets: that's done by SysEx MTS files via USB. This is about selecting presets in performance.)

Re: Can Alternative Tunings be changed by MIDI?
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I'll answer my own question - I got an answer from DSI support. Yes, you can do this, using NRPN Messages as explained on the page 76 of the manual. Any Global parameter setting can be changed via MIDI, using NRPN Messages. These can be sent from MIDI pedal controllers or DAWs. Also Data Increment and Decrement messages are possible so you can use a pedal to advance to the next preset.
This is all excellent.