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is there anything like patch morpher on pc besides the soundtower thingie? with the bad reviews and the price they are asking for it i'm not too keen on using it. But my presets are getting messy, so i'd love to at least rearrange them in an easy way. All tips welcome!

Re: Your thoughts on the Prophet 12
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One interesting thing I'll do as soon as it gets here is compare some sounds I've used a lot inside the 08 and convert them by using Patch Morpher so I can use them on the P12.
Just got the P12 and I'm using patchmorpher to convert several custom patches from the P08 (which I've had for a while). Patchmorpher is a great starting point and takes care of a lot of the tedium, egs., setting osc shapes, modulation routings, etc., but it isn't perfect. The parameter values aren't really 1:1, with the P12 usually having a wider range. Patchmorpher does seem to be trying to take care this already, but I still have to do some tweaking.

So far, several patches have ended up sounding pretty close. But, I found the P12 struggled to match the P08 in some cases:
1. Filter audio mod. P12 does osc->filter mod for each osc (which takes up slots in the mod matrix), but it is not the same as the P08. If you use this a lot, I think you'll notice the difference.
2. The P12 has less bass overall by default. Not sure why. You can of course try to correct this with the char section or sub  osc.
3. The resonance behavior is somehow slightly different. I know it is supposed to be the same filter, but there is this bass roleoff on the P08 with increased resonance that is not as noticable on the P12. Almost becomes a HPF on the P08.
4. The upper registers sound different on the P08 for some patches. Smoother than the P12. I don't want to use the A-word yet, maybe I haven't dug into the P12 enough to figure out what is going on.
5. There is this very pleasant (IMO) phasing-like sound you get on the P08, especially with similar waveforms on both oscillators & maybe slight detune and slop. Nice on string-like sounds and great in a wide stereo field. I couldn't exactly replicate it on the P12 using just slop & tune. It will probably need additional prcoessing.

That's all so far. I'm leaning toward keeping both the P12 & P08. Needless to say, the P12 does a bazillion different things that the P08 doesn't, and that's fantastic.

Mr Kay

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Re: Your thoughts on the Prophet 12
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I've a Mopho KB and I made some tests side by side, I managed to reproduce  the sounds, but I had to close slightly the filter on the P'12 (the cutoff at 3 o'clock on the Mopho, 2 - 2 1/2 on the P'12).

And now, the osc slop is a full destination in the mod matrix, which can allow to make very subtle detunes :)

I'm one of the first buyers, definitely my favourite synth  :)

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« Reply #63 on: December 03, 2016, 02:07:36 AM »
Thank you Paul and Tim. Yes, I'm going to post things on YouTube... my channel is on a slow update routine, but I plan on doing more stuff - I was moving from my apartment and things weren't exactly comfortable for me (everything boxed, except the modules). Now I'm almost finishing my new room...

Excellent response. This is what I want to do with Patch Morpher - even if it is not giving exact results, I want it to give me at least some of the same vibe with the patches, and then work from it.

Regarding your observations, I know how to work on some digital oscillators limitations, such as "not base enough" and "oscillator beating". Since the 12 is a real beast when it comes to modulation possibilities, it won't be a real challenge. I'm not even expecting it to do bass sounds to be honest. I also like what you've said about the filter - I didn't like losing my bass with the 08, maybe the 12 can really do something different.

@Mr Kay
I'm glad that the 12 can hold its own against the MoPho. Maybe that's saying something about the 08... ;)

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Re: Your thoughts on the Prophet 12
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BTW, I discovered there is a separate "audio out" mod source on the P12, which saves mod slots if you're trying to approximate P08's audio mod and does it better. For some reason, Patchmorpher uses the individual osc->filter modulation while converting. Maybe P12 firmware was updated to add it at some point but Patchmorpher's convertor wasn't.